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  • Hi Ben, I use progreens fertilisers, I've not tried any others tbh


    • PRO

      Good results then? Which do you use out of interest?


      • I use the G4 amnista 

        Works great on moss and greening up 

        Weeds never seem to all die off for me!!! 

        Larger ones I'll remove by hand 

  • PRO

    There are 3 fert/chemical suppliers active on LJ - Progreen, Agrigem and Greenbest. I'd suggest giving them all a call to discuss what you're looking for  and general advice. They are all very knowledgable, helpful and don't bite!

  • PRO

    I use agrigem simply because they are 30mins away from me, at the moment I'm using the spring 9-7-7 and iron sulphate powder, have used the liquid iron but find it expensive.

    • How was the liquid Dave? I always seem to get better results when using liquid 

      The moss killer is fantastic

      • PRO

        I found it very good and easy and clean to use but find for the few extra minutes of adding the powder to a bucket of water then topping the knapsack up it's not for me worth the extra price.

  • PRO

    All depends what you want/are tryin to achieve and on what scale.... Wheter you want a 'fast response fertilizer' or a slow release coated product....


    I mix and match throughout Progreens offerings on both liquid product and granules as they are only in the next town and are always there to give friendly,helpful advice.

  • PRO

    Is there not a good range of organic fertilisers available to you for your lawn care?  Proprietory or chicken pellets in solution or compost in solution?  I imagine the future is to reduce dependence on high energy manufactured NPK fetilisers in horticulture as well as farming as they disrupt natural soil ecosystems.  That and shift from the perfect/monoculture lawn to the more diverse clover lawn.

  • PRO

    Does anyone use Evergreen 4 in 1 ?

This reply was deleted.

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