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Viking MB 655 RS rear roller mower

  • I was first made aware of this mower on the Stihl/Viking stand at Saltex. I was offered a demo machine this week and tryed it out for 3 days. 3 dry days but still managed to give it a good go.  The first 2 days I used it on my regular sites for the first cut of the season and the results were impressive it was light and easy to maneuver.  The cut was excellent even on some very bumpy ground that was suffering from frost heave.  Collection was also very good though the ground was uncommonly dry. The collector was very full but well balanced and easy to carry. Emptying it was a bit difficult through the normal opening into a recycling bin,  but the whole top opens up to tip the contents onto a compost heap. 
  • Keeping the mower in a straight line was really easy so the lawns look great. 
  • The 3rd day the ground was wet and it collected all the grass without missing a blade! We had a new site to cut that hadn't been cut since last August it had mostly gone over forming a thick mat. I started down one side with the Viking, just because it was the closest mower! It coped so well I carried on and let the lads get the bigger mowers but the Viking really did well, the only problem was I kept having to lift the front of the mower because the grass was that thick.
  • Ok now for the down side.
  • The fuel tank is small It only ran for a little over an hour.
  • There aren't many height of cut options so there are quite big steps in the height of cut.
  • It impressed me enough to order one when I returned the demo machine and was pleased with the quote £1,188.30 inc VAT. But they are only supplying one! Per Stihl dealer.

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  • Looks nice. How long is the commercial warranty on it?

    • PRO

      I was so pleased to be able to have one that I forgot to ask!! Bad boy.

  • PRO

    Very over priced to me........Shame it's still only a domestic machine, same as my 655vr but with a steel roller & a bbc......surely they could produce a beefed up roller mower to put in there (professional use category) for that type of money there's the weibang 48 pro.

    • I'm wondering if it may have a better drive system with it having the steel roller rather than a plastic one. If not then i'd imagine it'd suffer all the same issues with drive reliability that are well documented, if not more so. I loved my old Viking when it worked but just kept breaking down. But if this does have a more robust drive system i'd certainly be interested.

    • PRO

      It doesn't feel or work like a domestic mower, the collection was great certainly as good as the weibang but it it so much easier to handle in tight areas. We also put our weibang 56pro and the Viking through the same overgrown area the weibang was getting bogged down the Viking coped without missing a beat.

  • Call me old-fashioned but don't like the look of a single-sided handle............ it can'tbe as strong and must have a slight "twisting" action when pushing it down and wonder how long it would last.................. perhaps that's why they don't use it on the "profesional" models?

    • Their most expensive professional model actually does use this mono handle system, the MB 756 YC. Shame none of the professional models have a roller though...

    • PRO

      I didn't like the look of the handle but after a few minutes I had forgotten about it until I emptied the very full grass box with easy access.

  • PRO

    had a Viking mower a few years ago. It was the dedicated mulcher, It did cut amazingly well but was always in the shop getting fixed. Especially the bearings on the wheels that only lasted a month to six weeks at a time.

This reply was deleted.

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