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Van Repair Day options ?

My van needs to go in for a mechanical repair and a small job doing but looking at Two days without it . 

If i take Two days off i lose earnings and it sets my schedule back 

If i hire a van for Two days its an extra expense and when added on to cost of van repair i will make a small loss over the Two days but i will have made some progress with customers gardens earned something to put towards the van repair even though cost of repair comes out of contigency funds . 

my mechanic has a little courtesy car tiny hatchback but i wont be able to get in what i need for the jobs i have to do so i feel better it goes to someone who needs it to ferry their toddlers around or elderley etc . 

I just cant get my head around looking at this in a practical business like way but at the same time i can't justify taking Two days off and making a loss by hiring a van . 

Any thoughts appreciated i am sure its not a unique problem , what would others do ? 

Thanks .



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  • Hi John can you get any jobs lined up where you can leave tools etc on site, or need minimal kit, so you can crack on without your van, and bag up waste etc and leave there for collection later? my truck has got its annual service in a couple of weeks. To maintain the warranty this is done at the main dealership over 20 miles away. they valet it etc and i got a discount so i consider it worth while. Whilst they are doing that I will wander around the town for a bit of shopping etc. The service only takes a few hours but its basically the best part of a day gone

  • My garage has free loan vans If I book in advance, some times I get a car then I switched my jobs around where I only need minimal tools. Other times I don't bother with the loan vehicle take the day off and make the time uo in the evenings/weekends.

    You should encourage to mechanic to get a loan van😉

    • PRO

      That's what I do, it is a main dealer... but its hassle free, an identical van (without shelves) collected from where I drop my van off - its expensive, but hassle free

  • PRO

    Take a break, use it wisely, spend some on a key business aspect and treat the other half to a day out with lunch....

    Live, laugh, love.  

    Life is too short to worry about minutiae...... 

    • PRO


    • well said    It really isn't worth obsessing about money lost unless you really are in dire financial straits.    things are slowing down now and if you miss a regular garden visit, it really isn't that serious and you will easily catch up on thenext visit.......... you could always work a weekend as a last resort (Hope you don't do that already!!)   Treat it like a 2 day holiday............  join it to the weekend and go away for 4 days........ everyone deserves a break now and then and this is a great excuse for one. 

    • PRO

      Where’s the like button?

  • PRO

    At times I have had my van done nearby to day jobs where I can pull up and unload, leaving lunch and stuff in the client garage then drive to dealer and cycle/walk back to job. It's been a hassle at times, this year in August I'm having the day off, JAB, HAIRCUT, NICE COFFEE AND LUNCH in that order 

    • PRO

      I think the sensible option is to take the Two days off , I agree best part of the day can be gone in our job chasing around in the morning , by the time i pick up the hire van , go home to load it up the morning will be gone . 

      Mechanic doesn't work weekends and his business is expanding , I must ask him his secret lol . 

      The grass is slowing down , hedging is just around the corner yes i will take it as an opportunity to chill out . 

      Saves emptying gear out of the van too 

      Thank everyone , much appreciated .


  • PRO

    Could the work be done with a mobile van mechanic? If so, perhaps they could spread it over multiple short visits? Or a couple of Saturdays? Or if at a client for a long time, do the work there (not on client site, but somewhere suitable & close. ). We're in Berkshire and use an excellent mobile mechanic (van focused) for all our servicing & repairs. He regularly visits our yard for 8am and we're on the road for 9.30am. Hassle free and less expensive than dealers.

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