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Used LCV (Vans) Market

If you're wondering why there is a lack of good used vans at reasonable prices seen previously, this graph shows the effect of Covid generated demand on LCV used prices...

It show the average auction price over the last 12 months.

From our recent experience, the used lcv market has moved up very close to the new/ex-demo prices.


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  • PRO

    Agree with that, we have almost paid a new price for second hand one year old van...

  • PRO

    I was very lucky when I need a bigger van, I managed to sell my 2010  vivaro swb and get a 2016 lwb Movano from a friend for what I sold the vivaro for. I looked at many vans before that and they were well out of my budget.

  • Yes we are swapping a Fiat Ducato maxi, 68 plate , two and half years old, 32k miles, FSH. For a new one  costing £20800 plus vat , getting bids of 14800 plus vat as a part ex ! The dealer will retail it rather than send it to auction as it still has 8 months warranty on it, so I guess it will go on his forecourt at £16995 plus vat.

  • I have heard the prices have gone up as htere's so many more delivery drivers such as Amazon, needing them. If you're not too fussy about a newish one with a low mileage and FSH, there's plenty of what look like good ones on Ebay and Facebook marketplace for a few thousand or less. .  

    • PRO

      Live example -would you buy a used van with 128k miles on the clock for £6.5k from a man on FB for cash with a car park meet and no comeback  - eek 😳

      Maybe for a Ram raid, but for a business 😂 ?

      • nice to get a new ish one with no VAT added if a small independent trader

      • Now that's silly......In that scenario, no!!  There's a lot of decent stuff from reputable sellers on Ebay........... often dealers with top feedback............. not 6.5k, much cheaper.   With a new MOT and it looks reasonably cared for,you can be reasonably confident...........Service history even better.  128k for a diesel really isn'tthat bad... engines are usually good for 200k+.    Picked up my van for 4k 12 years ago 55k on  the  clock.......... 130k now and it's still got years of life left in it. Only thing that went wrong was the power steering and that was twice!    Have a look........... you could be surprised at whats around at a nice price:)  Another great advantage of buying an older "cheap" van is you don't get paranoid about the odd scratch and dent........ something that quickly bumps your insurance up which is already much higher as you've an expensive van. Not everyone can afford 15k+ for a van............ I've certainly got far better things to spend my cash on like motorbikes, football and a missus with a shopping addiction lol

        • PRO

          We have differing approaches to running a business, but when making a profit we can decide how we spend the money and the perks ( thank you HMRC for my very tax efficient company motorbike - no need for me to spend taxed income 😘) .

          I suspect insurance costs are on parr, if not below - economy of scale with fleet insurance. The vehicles get looked after and they present well in our commercial marketplace along with being euro 6+ compliant and that’s key for many.

          We can tell when it’s time to dispose of a van, but at that mileage one risks failing emissions tests with worn injectors, clogged dpfs etc along with worn bakes and suspension etc - we can see the data of multiple vans over multiple years.

          So, would I buy a cheap van on FB via a private sale? No would be the answer, nor via eBay due lack of protection if the deal goes t*ts up.

          I’d bypass go direct to a respected dealer with a reputation and backup and purchase a van fit for purpose.

          • Must admit the van and the car, both diesels, struggle with the emisions tests now though we always get through when they run some "injector cleaner" through the fuel systems..... whether I'm being conned into buying "injector cleaner" I do wonder.   Unfortunately, they've tightened up the mot regs as you know and most of the older diesels are struggling to get through on  the emisions these days.  I must investigate a "company motorbike" though.............  Does yours have the company "logo" on it?:) 

            • PRO

              Always, always makes me wince watching/listening to a Diesel get emissioned tested. 

              Re: motorbikes, a tax efficient way of being on two wheels, more so if VAT registered & Ltd. The BIK is minimal and a fixed amount unlike cars, plus potential super CA write-down this year.

              Latest one doesn't, but previous one had logos on panniers. A must for those super duper landscaping emergencies 😂

This reply was deleted.

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