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tripod ladder

hi everyone looking at getting a tripod ladder my start up next season what size would be better to start of with and what make and what size would be better to do all round jobs. 

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  • PRO

    Henchman... I went for the medium one (10'?). It is the safest and probably the best bit of kit I've got

    • PRO

      !2 ft Henchman is a good size i find . As above reassuringly safe , a game changer .

      • thanks john

    • cheers adam

  • to each their own but the tripods are not the be all and end all in my opinion, i have a very stable and versatile ladder called a Little Giant which folds up a lot smaller and which i find preferable. i might invest in a very large tripod one if i get any seriously high regular jobs which call for it. my friend has a tripod called a Hendon which has steps you work from rather than a platform, the difference being that on a platform one you tend to work only from the platform  whereas the step type you choose your own level, as it were

    • PRO

      Which Little Giant and rung size do you have Billy?


      Currently got the 8ft Henchman, often think 10-12ft would have been better with a 6ft, but you cant have them all! £££

      • the one i have is a 6 rung Revolution XE paid under £250 about 4 years ago from Amazon warehouse deal, it is just so versatile. Heavy enough to be safe but not too heavy to lift in and out of gardens. I did buy the platform accessory but in practice it never gets used. Am sure there are newer models out now but I can envisage it "seeing me out" as it were

      • PRO

        I have the 8ft as well and I often think the 10ft and a 6ft would be better. The Henchman are very good ladders though and I would get the one with three adjustable legs, i'm always using them for uneven and sloping ground. 

        • thinking of geting a 6 foot hendon i will have a look at henchman cheers james.

    • Yes, one like this. I've got a different make but these are very versatile ladders. I've got a 5 rung that sits on the wheel arch inside the van. Had it for about 12 years, looking to get a 6 rung.


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