Transit tipper thoughts?

I’m happily in the position whereby I can soon upgrade my van. I’m looking at Transit dropside tippers (for waste) and double cab plylined (for kit storage). I’m having difficulty with storage options though (2 mowers, push vacuum, 4 long tools like strimmer etc., rotovator, blower, etc.) It’s clear that the double cab isn’t going to hold all that, so I was wondering what your thoughts were:1. Anyone tried keeping push mowers in the double cab space? Does it practically work (e.g. ramp?)2. Long kit (strimmers, etc) ideas?3. Custom built boxes, anyone tried it, approx cost and how effective were they?4. I live in an area where anything will get nicked if left unsecured, so security is important.5. Storage boxes behind the dropside flaps - anyone tried it? Effective/practical?Cheers folks :)

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    You can get 1 mower plus a few bits to the side (double cab width is generally around 80cm for the "back" area) then whatever on top, so in theory you could get half of your stuff in there if you're effficient with t he racking points etc.

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      Cheers Seth :) so if I built a full width/length shelf under which my mower#1 could live, then mower #2 from the opposite side, again under the shelf - it works does it?
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        Depends on the mowers I suppose. I have a lawnflite high speed (non folding handles) and two stigas and neither of those would be short enough folded to get two in. However Im sure there are some mowers where you could.

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    Okay - I have done this personally. Things to note - you will NOT practically get two mowers in the double cab space and you will have to be careful with the measurements to ensure ONE fits at all. For example, I had a Citroen Relay Double-cab tipper - a LawnFlite Pro 21" mower JUST fitted widthways with the front wheel jammed up the opposite door and the drive levers nearly resting on the glass of the opposite door. I managed to fit some knapsack sprayers and odds and ends above but there wasn't a lot of space left.

    Everything else ended up in custom built boxes behind the dropsides in the tipper bed - seemed like a good idea but in practical terms didn't work. Despite best efforts of sealant, seals and all manner of adjustments things constantly got wet and tools became rusty quite quickly.

    If I can retrieve some photos off another computer I will show you what I made.

    In practical terms only had the truck for a year or so before it was disposed of.


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            Firstly, thank you for the very useful feedback and excellent pics, a pic really does say a thousand words doesn’t it. Surprised, but it kinda makes sense I guess, that a single mower won’t go in the cab as loosely as I first thought. Interesting to see you’d had the long storage cabs behind the dropsides too. Perhaps some sheet ally along the sides then over the top, pinched down over the seams of the boxes, would’ve kept them dry? Or was it condensation? So what did you opt for once you’d got rid then, out of interest?starting to have second thoughts, but better that than spending money then regretting it ... thus my OP I suppose.
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              If the link works (should be clickable) - that's what I went to next - unfortunately engine failure killed that one - a few years later - I am back in a panel van!

              As regards the tools getting wet in the tipper tried silicone, metal casings, you name it, could NOT keep the water out and the grass 'juice' and the dust when chipping into the back.

              Alternatives to the traditional 'panel van'...
              A discussion I have been meaning to post for some time - who else out there uses 'something different' - eg NOT a panel van/trailer combination as th…
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                Oh I see ... thank you for the feedback though. Trying to avoid buying an Ifor tipping trailer as (a) it’ll get nicked before I use it, (b) with the van too it’ll be too unwieldy for most of my smaller clients roads n driveways, (c) tool storage/security almost zero. Hmmmmmm ...
                Alternatives to the traditional 'panel van'...
                A discussion I have been meaning to post for some time - who else out there uses 'something different' - eg NOT a panel van/trailer combination as th…
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