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Thought members maybe interested on our thoughts on the Toro Prostripe after we had one on demo. We are running the new Hayter 56 PRO'S but whilst the wet grass pick up is good the machine has some shortcomings, no handle adjustment, the Toro doesn't either. The Hayter uses sense a speed transmission - further you push the handle the faster the speed, it's neither practical or comfortable to hold it in a fixed position for any length of time so its used in the fully forward position which is quick ! So one of the reasons for trying the Toro which has a 3 speed box and Kawasaki engine but is otherwise identical ( Hayter own Toro) was to see whether a more comfortable speed was available, unfortunately setting 1 is snails pace, 2 is too slow also and 3 too fast. One of the worst faults is regardless of speed chosen, when the drive is engaged the machine snatches making it impossible to manoeuvre around obstacles it's not possible to feather the drive in smoothly, so disappointed on what is a machine which lists at £1800. We won't be buying any and will stick with the Hayter 56 PRO'S which are £500 less.

If you are listening Hayter - put some adjustable handles on the 56 , along with a infinately variable hydrostatic box with  a lever adjustment as on the Hondas and a rigid grassbox rather than fabric which needs washing out and you will have a go-to class leading machine as the build quality and wet grass collection is already there.

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  • You're not a fan then! A good honest review. It amazes my why some manufactures dont seem to do any testing before bringing things to the market 

    • They told me at saltex 2019 that they did thousands of hours of testing. Which is shocking considering the fauults in the first year. Needing to design new blade, top bbc pulley, roller bearings strengthening plate and revised transmision speed for the 48. They should have had a few 48 pro and 56 pros in the field with the most abusive of contractors and had them being used and abused for 2 full seasons 

  • What you said Peter was more or less what I have been saying throughout 2019 season and 2020 on social media and youtube reviews. Hayter 56 pro i think they are making a large mark up. rubbish engine and the gearbox system doesnt work well, works well in the timemaster. 

    Toro own Hayter, not other way around.

    Prostripe you need to learn the gearbox. You can go round obstacles but yes its a bit grabby, if you tune the engine, something more or less all mowers these days need! You get a much better cut and collect and speed 2 is a nicer walking pace. 3 is running :-)


    Lots of question marks over hayters tesing with these harriers and prostripe, it took a few weeks from release for people to get issue of build up thus resulting in a new blade for 2020. BBC top pulley broke on a few and now a much stronger one is available. 

    48 pro should have the 3 speed gearbox. hayter claim everyone wants a quick mower. how many people did they ask, 3?

    The mesh bag is too thick and gets full quickly. a plastic box is needed as an otion.

This reply was deleted.

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