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The Taxman Cometh

A from next year every small business will have to keep their accounts on a digital programme such as QB or Sage etc, (and not in a shoebox), and tax returns will have to be uploaded every three months.

Are you ready for this?

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    Where is your source for this? I know it was mooted but heard nothing recently.
    • PRO

      In the Mail on Sunday today.

      • The mail?? Hahaha, explains it all
  • PRO

    Only partially correct. It is still subject to finalisation and starts to go forward, and will be phased in, at the earliest from April 2018 to 2020 (like Pensions staging).

    There is no requirement to store invoices and receipts digitally, so shoeboxes will be ok. Spreadsheets or Free HMRC software will be available for Accounts submission when it does come in...(they haven't even started the Pilot scheme yet which was due to start this Quarter as far as known). Anyone using an Accountant or doing online will already be familiar with this approach anyway

    See HMRC

    And here (probably best source of updated info)

    Here are links to the original discussions on LJN, which resulted from 2015's Budget:



    This was the last update from our Accountant's Newsletter late last year:

    Making Tax Digital

    The government published their responses to the six consultations on making tax digital (MTD). In response to the consultations the government have decided the following:

    • businesses will be able to continue to use spreadsheets for record keeping, but they must ensure that their spreadsheet meets the necessary requirements of Making Tax Digital for Business (MTDfB). This is likely to involve combining the spreadsheet with software
    • businesses eligible for three line accounts will be able to submit a quarterly update with only three lines of data (income, expenses and profit)
    • free software will be available to businesses with the most straightforward affairs
    • the requirement to keep digital records does not mean that you have to make and store invoices and receipts digitally
    • activity at the end of the year must be concluded and sent either by ten months after the last day of the period of account or 31 January, whichever of these is soonest
    • charities (but not their trading subsidiaries) will not need to keep digital records
    • for partnerships with a turnover above £10 million, MTDfB is deferred until 2020 due to the complexity of their tax affairs.

    • Do you know if this will this apply to the self employed? And given the track record of HMRC on everything they do, I firmly expect a health dose of chaos all round...

      • PRO

        Yes, almost 99.9% certain unless your t/o is less that £10k (there's a bit more HMRC detail in link above), although they seem to mention there will be 'allowances' for those that can't submit digitally (!!)....

        Chaos, HMRC, Tax...not often 3 words you see in one sentence :D

        • Bugger. Oh well, time to buy a new computer to deal with this, and then offset the cost against tax as it will clearly be for business use. And as one of the rural broadband disadvantaged (0.75MB on a good day), I will need to offset the costs of laying fibre to my house. Every cloud...

  • PRO
    My sister in law works in HMRC a friend works in COMPLIANCE ( the dark side) both say this is not very likely in the short time due to very high work load.
  • PRO

    I just spoke with my accountant about this issue yesterday. He informed me that the general concenses amongst accountants is that HMRC are not ready yet and it will likely be pushed back...A bit like universal credit if i remember rightly. He said politically they, (the government) want to push it through regardless and if they mange to its going to be a mess, so the likelihood is that it will get pushed back. If like me you use an accountant then they will keep you informed when a concrete decision is made. However you can be sure it is coming.

  • hi chaps ,with this in mind can I ask which of the softwear you are using or planning on using, we are keen to take th plunge however I'm not sure which to go for ? I would love to know what your using.

This reply was deleted.

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