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Tennis court moss killer

I've been asked to quote for treating some light moss on 3700sqm of tarmac tennis courts. For smaller domestic jobs I have always used an acetic acid cleaner to good affect (eg. Algon), however, I am a bit worried about the lingering vinegar smell at a regularly used tennis club.

I have used other cleaners in the past, with varying degrees of success, but to be honest none have been as reliable as the acid-based cleaners. 

I am considering using Sapphire for this particular job, as it works out more cost-effective for the large area, I am slightly concerned about its effectiveness with the lower temperatures we are now experiencing. Has anyone used Sapphire (or similar) during the winter months and got satisfactory results? Or should I stick to what I know works for me and tell the club to put up with the vinegar-like smell for a couple of weeks? 

All recommendations and advice appreciated as always.

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  • We've always used Green Mould and Algae killer from Pro-Kleen . £34 for 4 X 5lt Inc vat and delivery.  Make sure you get the concentrate as they do a ready to use also. We use 2.5 lts in a 12 lt knapsack. No smell. Works well as long as you thoroughly wet the moss

    • Thanks Peter. I think I still have a 5L bottle of that knocking about in the garage! I tried it to remove algae on York stone, but it didn't work very well, I think it was due to a sudden cold-snap after applying. Looking at the temperature forecast for the next couple of weeks I think I'm going to go down the acetic acid route, as I know that it works even when it gets cold outside.

  • Sean, we also use white rock salt if it's a very large area, very cheap! Works well as long as weather is damp and you can spread it evenly

    • Good tip! I'll try that out one day for sure.

  • PRO

    Its not just the cold, but also the damp you have to worry about at this time of the year.... if the moss is really wet it natuarally dilutes whatever you spray on it. I'd price it and let the club know the risks giving them another treatment in the spring. We used to use a Stiga power brush to clear the moss off after it had died... then go back and reapply in areas where the moss had won... and repeat with the brush

  • Benzalkonium Chloride BAC50 is excellent .............. same stuff as MMC-Pro but much more concentrated.    1.5 litres of the concentrate in a 15L knapsack will cover approx 100 square metres and usually keeps it clear for 6 months+     I get it on Ebay  4 x 5L for £110  

    • I've found MMC-pro only works well in dry conditions.  How do you get o at this time of year with the BAC50?


  • Soda crystals work well too. About £30.00 for 25kg.

  • We used to find Jeyes fluid worked well in winter conditions, but since they reformulated it it doesn't seem as good.  has anyone else found that?


  • PRO

    Useful reading here regarding DDAC and BAC50: https://www.progreen.co.uk/problem/dealing-with-moss-algae/how-to-k...

    Dealing with moss on hard surfaces
    Moss on hard surfaces can be an annoying thing to remove, but we have all the information you need regarding moss control on hard surfaces
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