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Taking waste away.

Morning everyone hope everyone is doin good. I've been asked by a potential customer if I can take the waste away as they don't have a garden bin. This is something  generally I don't do. The waste is going to be from maintenance visits so majority of it will be grass cuttings an shrub pruning as an when. I have a waste carriage licence an there is a tip fairly close to me that accepts trade waste their charges are between £25-£45 per load. So my question is how would you calculate the additional cost? Per bag or any other way. 

cheers guys. 

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  • I charged £25 per builder sac and stock pile it until I have the minimum of four. The waste place charge's £26 for the minimum of 200kg. When I take eight bags in van and trailer it's always under 200kg. There's the green bin at home for little bits.

    Can you not encourage the customer to compost?

    • PRO

      That's what I've been considering suggesting when I go an see the job later today 

      • PRO

        You can get your Lower Tier waste license straight away upon application if this is the one you need .

        It's free and currently lasts for life .

        Just make sure you use the Gov.com website as there are sites which charge for the Free lower tier one . 

  • PRO

    Allow for the tipping costs plus your time plus a profit element, and then work out how much a bag should cost for you and then your client.

    We fill our bags so they are a safe one man lift into our tippping trailers at the yard. Prunings can easily fill a bag full and be easy to handle, grass clippings and wet leaves less so. By the time the waste in our trailer compresses down we must fill in around 80 bags of waste, especially if grass which mulches down and "lubricates the tip!".

    We get charged by the tonne so our tipping costs vary slightly each time, and we tend to tip 1-2 tonnes each and every week at a transfer station.

  • PRO

    Are you a gardener or a waste disposal contractor?

    • PRO

      We run a team of 10, but I'm out and about every day and would consider myself a classically trained and operating gardener, and the business consists of a team of garden maintenance professionals. 

      • PRO

        What a delightful reply, very polite. We had a number of elderly customers who had waste bins but simply were not able to put them in and out themselves and couldn't always rely on some one to help so would take there waste away. 
        we did huge industrial sites, numerous blocks of flats and schools. None of which have facilities to dispose of waste. 
        Our tipping site charged by weight so it could cost as little as £12 for 100kg. 
        Not many people want a compost bin as they can be ugly and have no where to hide them. They happily pay you the professional gardener to either supply or use compost that they have purchased 

  • PRO

    My local waste place is £90 a ton for green waste, never used it yet. I tell my customers to get a garden bin, they can pay a bit extra tfor assisted collection so they don't have to put it out. Most of the time with stuff like hedge clippings i run the mower over it and it mulches to nothing.

  • PRO

    We have skips in are yard for  general and green

    We charge £6 per bulk bag or around £60 for a pick up

    load plus vat

    we have a waist carriers license going to council tips is just not cost effective 

  • PRO

    £7.50 for a builders bag, or part thereof.... soon to rise to £10. I'm lucky though I have  a  paddock where I can burn the waste - and clamps to compost the grass clippings etc.

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