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Anyone hear of, or used supersoil?  I'm thinking it might be a good natural alternative to traditional spring, summer fertilisers?  Anyone have any experiences with it?



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    It sounds like snake oil to me. Not a chance bacteria/microbes can be claimed to be a fertiliser. No NPK or trace elements listed, etc. I'd steer clear.

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  • I was confused at first as supersoil is the name used by our local composting firm for their enriched topsoil.

    Having looked at -the right product, I suspect they're over-selling it.  I've just watched the review by microlife agronomy (who I suspect will be the UK agents), and they were using it in conjunction with fertilizer, not instead of.  It's not dear, and it may well be good, just not as good as they make out.  I wuold be very interested to se any results- the ideal would probably be a large lawn quartered, with nothing/ fertlizer only/ supersoil only/ both.

    • Thanks Tim. I don't really want to shell out any of my hard earned ££ until I know a little more about it and how good it works, if at all. I was hoping some on here may have heard of it /used it. 

  • not heard of it and as Ben says no NPK looks quit expencive glad i am not buying 10 ton of it 

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  • PRO

    It looks like an alternative to compost tea / soil conditioners. As such at around £1 / 100sqm it's not too bad price wise for an additional lawn treatment. Gets better if you buy more bulk.

    Won't replace fertiliser but will likely help with soil health over the longer term. So a possible add-on to tank mixes.


    • Thanks Andrew 👍

  • Not heard of it before this thread. I do wonder why there's no independent trial data ? Substantial claims regarding carbon capture but nothing to back these claims up as far as I can see , surely if you are bringing a product to market such as this the first thing you do is supply independent evidence of the benefits? Apparently after searching the Web potential users have emailed requesting data and not received any response. Think this says it all. 

  • PRO

    Big shiny website, Testimonials from 'customers', a nod to science but no actual references that can be checked.  All the best keywords of the moment - natural, organic, pure, super, profit, climate change, free, healthy, and pollution, even has Carbon drawdown.

    100g of product per acre - that's like a gram on ~400 meters square or 2.5 MICROgrams per square meter(2.5 millionths of a gram).  We apply( quick sums) glyphosate at roughly 150 micrograms per square meter at typical annual weed rates - that's 60 times the rate of super soil.......2.5 micrograms is such an unbelievably tiny amount, its basically nothing.  

    It sounds exactly like homoeopathy for your garden. and has all the hallmarks of being total bullshit.  If it was 100g of actual bullshit diluted at the levels they are saying it would probably do more.


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