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I would really appreciate some advice regarding strimming. I use a Stihl Kombi set-up and have a strimmer attachment for my KM131. This is incredibly powerful and on the whole does a good job. I have recently started at a church and use the strimmer around the grave stones. I have noticed that on a couple of the older grave stones, the nylon cord has left a mark. I spoke to my local dealer about alternatives and he suggested the Stihl KM-RG. I have looked at this online and am not sure about it. I can see the reason behind it and feel it could do a good job. However, looking at videos, it appears slow and I'm not sure if it would take the grass out close to the grave stone. 


I would really appreciate thoughts on this issue. Should I use a smaller strimmer that would not be quite so powerful, or, should a invest in the KM-RG. 


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     Will your Stihl (main dealer) not let you demo one? I'm pretty sure ours would!

  • I bought the Ego equivalent and to be honest, it hardly ever sees the light of day! It is no good cutting up close to hard edges either, so I don't think it is the right tool for the graveyard.

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    I strim a graveyard, where some of the stones are several hundred years old. The method that I have employed was to work at at angle on low revs and effectively 'remove' the grass immediately up to the stone on the first cut, then theres less growth on subsejuent cuts and only needs the strimmer on 'tick over'. Stihl 2.7 red round line doesn't give any marking issues for us and seems a good compromise between cutting ability and wear life.

    • Thanks all for your replies. I don't think the dealer has a Demo. They have a new one in stock and that is the only one. I think there may well be supply issues. I did wonder how close up to the hard edges you could go. That was one of my concerns. I think I will adopt your method, Adam. I use the Stihl 2.4 (I think its 2.4) round Orange line. I will ease up on the revs!

  •  Some on the network have used the KM-RG and posted their thoughts here:


  • I have one of these machines and I too hardly ever use it. It is very, very heavy and very, very slow at cutting grass. For chopping a few weeds that are growing through concrete/hard standing where a strimmer might throw stones, then it works okay. But for grass cutting of any kind, forget it. It is painfully slow.

    It edges very well, but that’s about it.

    I find that just using the strimmer on low revs cuts the grass while avoiding the chances of firing stones about, but is still a hundred times faster than the KM-RG.

    I mow several churchyards and cemeteries. I have a very good strimmer man who does the strimming whilst I do all the ride on mowing, but the thought of using a KM-RG in a churchyard is a special kind of nightmare. It would take you days/weeks rather than the hour or two taken with a strimmer.

    Would I buy the KM-RG again? No, definitely not. Don’t waste your money on one.

    • Thanks. It was on my things to consider list :)

    • I've got one of those, in a grave yard situation it would be a total waste of time and most likely scratch the stones.

      The sole purpose I brought it for was to replace a strimmer to prevent smashing big bit of glass etc and most importantly for cutting back large herbaceous/ornamental grass borders which it absolutely excels at. I've literally cut and cleared borders in half the time using it. Plus I'm not blunting my head cutters blades cutting down grasses. The km-rg is much quicker to sharpen and the blades are less than half price of a head cutter.

      Personally I wouldn't be without one.




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