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Stihl strimmer keeps cutting out

I have a stihl stimmer that keeps cutting out when its on and its a pain to start up again normally if i keep hold of the trigger it will stay on most of the time anyine got any idea whats going in thanks

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  • PRO

    maybe try turning the idle speed screw clockwise till it runs smoothly, but not too much that the strimmer head turns when idling. the screw will be near the carb

    • Thats another thing the strimmer was doing strimmer head constantly spining even when idling

      • If the idle speed isn't too high, then the clutch spring will have broken causing the head to spin all the time................ replacement spring is about £3 and fairly easy to fit.  If the head spins all the time, it does make it harder to start as well.  As for cutting out when running, could be a number of things......... as it keeps going if the throttle is kept open, suggests a carb problem so might be worth stripping it down and cleaning it out, replace the metering diapham and the thin plastic diaphragm as well. 

        • Thanks would you recommend replace the clutch when am there dojng the spring and maybe replace the carb?

          • You should be fine just doing the spring or springs if its got 2.  The clutch shoes are usually just steel with  no lining on them so they need a terrific amount of use to get aby significant wear.  If your replacement springs go quickly, then you'll have to look at replacing the shoes and the drum as its probably over heating and damaging the spring.  You can usually pick up a replacement carb on Ebay very cheaply from China and I've found them ok. I'd try replacing the  diaphragms and cleaning it out first if you feel up to it. 

  • PRO

    Have you gone through the check list: spark plug, air filter clean, fuel filter replacement. Is the throttle cable adjusted correctly, if its to tight the head will spin and you could be flooding your engine so it stalls. Do all those things before carb adjustment. Might just need a new carb.

    • Yeah i have recently replace all the service parts just nit done the throttle cable

  • If it runs ok from first start then cuts out when you let the revs die down and won't start again, it's a good sign that it's the ignition coil, they will work perfectly when cold but once warmed up you cannot start them. Don't think it's carb related as it runs and starts ok.

  • I took the strimmer into a workshop to get fixed and they said it will work okay when the strimmer is warm but when its cold it will cut out and its the shaft is the problem 

  • What has the shaft got to do with it not starting or cutting out the shaft is independent to whats going on regarding the running of the engine.

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