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Stihl RLA 240

Does anyone have much experience of this battery scarifier? It's only a very basic one, but we have plenty of AK batteries and wondered if it would be reasonable for use at home and just the very occasional very light scarifying at small gardens. Not for heavy moss removal obviously, just light thatch layers.

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  • PRO

    I would think it would chew through batteries... but probably OK for what you describe

    • Yes I imagine it will use them pretty quickly, but we have quite a few so should be OK for small jobs. As long as the performance is reasonable for light work

  • looks very similar to an Einhell battery one i've been using for a few seasons (2x18V batteries = 36V on that one) Battery run time surprisingly good... I have a few sets of batteries just in case... great for giving small lawns a bit of a tickle, and can lift & carry the machine in one hand.  I use both the blade and the wire inserts. Never use a collection box on it as it would fill in about 5 seconds. Sometimes it is just the ticket and can get right up to the lawn edges if you hold one side up with the wheel over hanging the border

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