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Stihl Hsa 86 overheating

Hi everybody,

I hope someone can help, about 18 months agos i purchased the stihl long reach telescopic trimmer and was very impressed so bought the Hsa 86 last year as i already had 2 batteries and the charger, I was very impressed with this as well, however just after lockdown it has been slow to start, building up speed and power after a few seconds , I grease it little and often to the same amount as when bought.

Now after trying to run it for a minute 3 red lights come on which means tool is overheating and needs cooling, leave it an hour and same thing happens.

Interestingly it seems to run more powerful upside down until it cuts out, i definitely havent overfilled it with grease, it only cuts this years new growth , batteries stored in house and tool has stihl battery cover in place in garage.

I now have 3 batteries and its the same with all of them.

My back up is a petrol with a tooth missing so not ideal, dealers are closed so may have to buy a new pertol one until they reopen.I dont want to buy another HSA 86 until i find out what has went wrong with this one.

Any help is appreciated 



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  • PRO

    Have you tried cleaning the blades or spraying resin remover on them?

  • Yes done that Darren, I spray them before and after every job with the stihl stuff, I invested quite a bit of money in the battery stuff so really try and take care of them.

    Thanks for the reply though.

    • any air vents blocked etc... might be worth stripping it down a bit to check no bolts or connections worked loose etc... i have seen these where the controller unit has failed prematurely. these cutters need a special type of light coloured grease not the standard grey stuff

  • Do the batteries work ok in the other machine.

    The linkage went on my ego multitool hedge cutter last year, when it was failing it used to start then stop. 

  • Hi Billybop

    The airvents seem fineI dont reallywant to start stripping things down,.I am reasonably savvy with petrol but havent a clue with electrics. I use the proper stihl grease even though its a stupid price for what is probably the same lithium grease I use in my breakers for fencing work.All I could think of was i overfilled it but definitely not as you just smear a bit on the cogs and rod


    • what a time to knack up but on the grand scale of things not a  drama.knocked my confidence in battery stuff back a bit as had little use and I had thought of these as toys before buying the great long reach. Build quality is a worry as very light but that is also one of the reasons i went for them, and less vibration. 

      looks like I will have to get a petrol replacement online until my dealer opens and can have a look at it.

      • yes sounds like you have looked after it, they are a bit toy like aren't they, i keep buying new ones once they get a bit too rattly, i have the hsa94t and hsa94r as well, which are better made but more expensive, and you are tied to a cable on those, so i still use the hsa86's a lot, they are not a difficult machine to work on, i am useless with fixing petrol kit but find the stihl battery stuff ok

        • paul am intrigued to hear it works better upside down, could be a torx bolt worked loose where the blade joins onto the gear assembly, have you tried holding the trimmer and wiggling the blade up and down to see if there is excessive play in it, sounds to me like the blades aren't running freely to cause the machine to shut down, or controller is on the way out. the stihl dealership if and when open should have a diagnostic machine which would analyse the problem within seconds

          • There is no excessive play in the blade Billybop, when i took the cover off to check the grease after topping up there seems a bit of play in the circuar peice under the round cog if that makes any sense, (almost like a conrod)

            • yes chances are its the controller then paul if it started doing the fault intermittently then getting worse and more often until it does it every time its used. just what you need in the middle of a pandemic. i think there may have been a bad batch as i picked up a broken hsa86 2018 model recently which had burned a small hole through the side of the controller when it failed. But in general the stihl pro battery stuff has been relatively trouble free in my experience

This reply was deleted.

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