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Stihl HLA 86 needed.

Does anyone in either Surrey or West Sussex area know of any local machinery companies that have this in stock? My local dealer is out and they have no idea when they are coming back in, I have called around a few online dealers and although the website says it’s in stock, they are also out of the product. Needed ASAP… thank you

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  • PRO

    We have a few of these on order for months now as one of ours has died and the other I have kept going with gaffer tape, one was meant to be delivered last week but alas we are now being told late August, this as well as we can't buy battery strimmer and we have a number of battery on order and the same problem.


    to make sure the dealer was not giving me a load of bull I went around to a couple of other dealers and the same story....

  • I've been waiting for a kma135r since January, told in may it would be July 15th still no machine. Knightmare! Just glad I've got all the kit in need.

    Have you tried online?

    Good luck

  • PRO

    Thank you for replies, it's much appreciated, obviously a Stihl supply issue, I will have to try and get this 85 working again for now, thank you 

    • PRO

      They might be back in stock soon Harry , I noticed Stihl were advertising on TV last week , Hopefully stock will start to appear after an advertising campaign . 

      The Stihl Stuff is precious cargo in my opinion . 

      If you have placed an order you hopefully should have a new machine for the hedging season . 


      • Shortages of all sorts of products at the moment, due to a variety of factors. We are back to the "make do and mend" days, almost. The much maligned Woolton Pie might come back into fashion as a trendy retro vegetarian dish, as we forage around for whatever we can get hold of. Rationing might be on the cards! It already happened when restrictions last year with only 2 tins of soup etc allowed

  • I bought one yesterday from Stuart brown landscapes and arborist supplies in Bedfordshire if that’s any help

  • STIHL HSA 86 Cordless Hedge Trimmer 18" | STIHL Hedge Trimmer – Sam...

    this site says it will deliver by monday

    STIHL HSA 86 Cordless Hedge Trimmer 18"
    <p style="line-height: 0.17in;"><span style="font-size: medium;"><strong><span style="font-family: Arial, sans-serif;"><span style="color: #444444;">…
  • i just gogeld it this is the first one i looked at 

    just realised might be the wrong model

    • yes so many completely different models now with slightly different references. For example HLA56 and HLA65 so easy to confuse if one digit is transposed, both long reach hedge trimmers but they don't use the same battery type even. Often see mistakes on ebay listings and the like. Also there are variations such as the HSA86 above is the 18 inch cutter bar model. Yet many buyers ordering one would expect the 25 incher. Very easy to get caught out. Perhaps we should use the long Stihl reference which is like a credit card number in length lol

      • PRO

        Which cordless models are classified as industrial as opposed to domestic ? and which components set the two apart . ? 

        I was always told by dealers it is down to the quality of the gearbox with fuel driven hedgetrimmers .




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