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  • I would say HSA94R, I have the 24" version. It is powerful with an aggressive cut best used on rough hedges. For the nice hedges I use the T version. Battery powered, but not cordless

    • Morning the 94 was looking like the one I will go for, thanks for the reply.

      • hi yes I strongly recommend using an AP battery in the belt pouch rather than a backpack battery. I have used these machines with both and the run time is good on AP300 or AP300S packs whereas I found the backpack is cumbersome. The cable is not as inconvenient as one might expect. And the benefits in the battery kit being nicer to use, outweigh this somehow. Also note there is an "old" and "new" version of the HSA94. The later model having an improved motor. Although I have had no trouble with my "old style" version. I have a "new type" T model on order. The newer ones can be immediately spotted as they have the recess for the Smart Connector. And the machine has a different Stihl part number

  • I will go for the HSA94 next time. I love the cordless, so many advantages, pull the trigger and off you go. None of that getting to the top of the steps and the engine cutting out! I am on my 2nd HSA82 and although I sing their praises, I found the blades can sieze on really cold mornings after an idle period-  no matter how much lube I have used. It is an easy remedy as long as you don't mind pulling the cover off and manually moving the gear. I did not do this the first time and it over strained the motor, hence I am on my second set. As said, next time I will go for the next model up in the series. 

  • PRO

    We've been using the hsa100's the last couple of weeks and they seem great, a nice improvement on the previous hsa86, we've tried the 'tethered' versions and although an admittedly better machine nobody could get on with the cable being there!

  • Like Oliver, we also didn't really enjoy having a cable and sold our HSA 94T after a couple of seasons. Hedge cutter is fantastic but just did not like the cable. I also was going to suggest taking a look at the HSA 100 but, having not used them ourselves, not sure if it would be good enough for what you need. All the best 

  • not tried a hsa100 yet, depending on the job i will still use a self contained HSA86 or HSA66 in preference to the cabled ones if it's a small-ish hedge, the HSA94 are reserved for the larger more serious jobs where the less powerful machines would add significantly to the time taken. I tend to use a long reacher on the actual tops of hedges. quite often I take a selection of machines with me and use whichever ones i see fit, some might not get used at all depending on how the day goes, they all have a niche purpose to my mind

  • Cheers guys will do some research this weekend on the 94 v 100.

    Have a great weekend 

    • best method to gauge possible power without actually using the machines is to look at the run times quoted for any given battery. not a perfect method but it gives you some idea. ie. the more power the shorter the run time. In practice I find the HSA94 to deplete a battery at approx thrice the rate of a HSA86 for example, as the work rate is quicker. Also look at plenty of youtube videos

  • I also have the hs82rc and the hsa 86, I was just about to get a 94t, but now I'm unsure due to the comments regarding the cable, could see it being a pain when going up and down ladders etc, is the hsa 100 much better than the 86, the 86 is ok, but more of a domestic machine I'd say, I'm after something more heavy duty, shame about the cable, I was looking forwards to a 94t

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