Stihl 2stroke oils

Do people,out there use alternatives to the Stihl 2stroke and 4 mix oils or is it best to stick with the brand name? So far I have always used the Stihl oils but only because it is easier and I don't know much about the subject. Any thoughts?Peter.

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  • If you buy it in the 5l or better still 10l containers, you really can't significantly beat the price per litre so why risk using something else that's not designed with Stihl equipment in mind? I always use the 1 litre containers with the built in measure and just refill it from the 5l when necessary.

    • Thank you Graham. That has been my approach so far but I bought some oil this morning and just wondered.
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      I do this also, it just makes sense.

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      Stihl red oil is not a very good lubricant at all. (I assume thats what you mean as ive never seen super in 10litres) and any semi-synthetic 2t oil will offer better lubrication. 4mix's are not supposed to be ran on red oil (although pprevious I ran 4 mix's on red oil with no issue).

      Echo also state that you need too use at least a semi-synthetic oil for their engines, and I do stihl Super oil 5 litres for £35.

      • They do the "hp super" in 5 litres, the standard red hp in 5 and 10 litres.   I do use the hp super now but used the cheaper hp for many years with no problems................ I really think that if it was a poor lubricant, Stihl wouldn't sell it.... there would be endless complaints. According to Stihl,advantages of the hp are fewer deposits in the engine/cleaner emissions ......... more important in the 4-mix engines.................. rather than lubrication qualities.  The "hp ultra" looks the best but at £20/litre I'll give that one a miss!!!

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      I echo this. What could possibly be the point of using anything else?
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    Don’t get hung up on brand names.
    Just buy good quality oil semi synthetic at a minimum would be my choice. I use the stihl green whichever one you can get in 5l bottles!
    But I would use other decent ones
  • Got caught up in that whole 'must use Stihl oil ' years ago . Its nonsense. I get mine from the motor factors . No difference that I can tell
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      I've used Stihl red oil since I started, in almost every Stihl engine there is. No problems whatsoever. I'd rather a red than a green oil for the simple reason that it's easier for staff to tell if petrol is properly mixed. If HP Super was the red one I'd use that instead.

      Four mix engines might last a little longer before the valves coke up on HP Super, but at the end of the day it's still a crap design which they have now all but replaced with 2-mix- technology that they license from Husquvarna!

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        Oregon semi synth is red if you want a better quality oil. But I agree I dont know why they're not all red colour.

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