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Second weed and feed?

Hi all

I have just done a weed and feed for a clinet, using the weed and feed they have brought, (4 in one weed and feed) this is just under 2 weeks ago! Now she saying its grass is green but the weed is still there!

Now I guess that there not the best to kill the weeds? Will I have a problem if I did another weed and feed at all?




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  • PRO

    I would use a selective weedkiller... a double feed could see your client complaining about her lawn cutting bills !!

    • Thanks, Adam What weedkiller would you recommend please for it?

      • PRO

        Well, assuming you have your PA1/6 you should be able to get something from ProGreen... or a similar organisation.... you won't buy it at the local garden centre!

        • Thanks, Adam for the help! That is on my to-do list getting the PA1/6! But good to know what to get when I am trained up!


  • PRO

    You should wait for around 6-8 weeks before doing a 2nd weed control. Also, many selective herbicides use a hormonal reaction to create rapid growth in the weeds; this growth is un-sustainable and after a few weeks of looking like you've just fed them, they will start to wilt and die, including the roots.

    Also, with having to wait 6-8 weeks, you'll be at the end of October, at which point it's debateable what effect a further weed control will have at that time.

    So patience is required, and say you'll do another weed control with the spring feed if it's needed.

    • As Andrew say above,

      the weed killer element creates rapid weed growth which kills the weeds. They'll be dead shortly, tell her to give it chance to work lol

  • was the weed and feed a autumn mix or a summer mix defentley dont give it anymore feed for at least 3 months it has been quite dry give it a bit longer to see if the weeds die off your client can buy a selective weed killer from the garden center but i cannot remember the name 

    always find if client getting there own fert do not get enough of it because they do not know the meterage of the lawn and think the £10 bag will do 

  • Weeds will take 6 to 8 weeks to completely die off.

    if it's under 2 weeks, explain that gardening requires patience.

  • PRO

    You mention the product was supplied by the client, so presumably an over the counter W/F. I would ask them when they bought it for one, as if it's been sitting in the shed for a year or two it's going to of gone off. Always a back out answer if they are blaming you.

    As other's have said don't apply any more. If needed a selective weedkiller should be used.

  • I've always found the "weed and feed" very poor for killing weeds. Spraying is far more effective. 

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