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Seaweed meal in borders

 Evening all. I've only been using for a short while now but have been impressed with the results of liquid seaweed on my lawns. I am looking into using seaweed meal in borders. 

We manage some quite large herbaceous borders and currently use a mix of manure, poultry manure and fish blood and bone as required. 

Does anybody use seaweed meal? When do you apply, have you seen good results etc?

In principle this seems like a very good product to me


Does anybody use this?

Thank you in advance. 


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  • PRO

    Hi Glen,

    Ive used a similar type of product to good effect -- sustaine have a variety of granular products that are organic based and cover a wide range of feed/ soil improvement areas.


    They have recently rebranded and increased their range -- so theres a lot of choice.

    Most of these can be applied throughout the year - based on poultry manure and added micro nutrients and bio ferts.

    I was hoping to try a product from Pro Green this year who may be able to add some input :


    I believe this is essentially top grade seaweed , minimally processed -- and would be an autumn / winter application - annually

    Maths wise i would think the sustaine would be close to half the price of the product you have listed but all of that depends on quanities bought and the dreaded delivery charges which might dramatically alter things !!

    Sustane 5-2-4
    • PRO

      As a side note -- i use lots of Fish Blood and Bone - however current opion appears to be that Bonemeal is not a great product to use lots of --  i think phosphorous is considered to be in presence in most soils in large enough quantities and adding more can create issues due to its residual qualities. 

      Ill still be using it - but worth noting from an organic feed point of view its not quite the product we thought it was. 

      Shame there doesnt seem to be cost effective accurate soil testing kits -- as really thats what we should be doing on an annual basis 

  • Thanks Dan. Chase organics do a very similar product to progreen which is what I was looking at. Price wise looks good. I'll have a look at your other suggestions. 


    Re bonemeal we use some over the winter and when planting to help the roots but not in huge quantities. And then fish blood and bone in the spring for the flowering growth. 

    Chase Seaweed Meal 25kg
    A slow release fertiliser and soil conditioner, rich in trace elements and amino acids. Regular dressings stimulate microbial activity, improving soi…
  • PRO Supplier

    Hi Glen (& Dan)

    The seaweed meal is just natural, cold-processed seaweed. It adds vital trace elements to the soil plus proteins & alginic acids which promote hormone growth in plants and stimulates microbial action that converts available nutrients in the soil plus enriches soil quality. So it enables max. soil nutrition (added or natural) to be available to the plant. 

    Can be added as a top dressing or in a planting hole.....

    re: Bonemeal - good point re: phosphorous. New plants plus established plants all need P in spring to promote root elongation but excess P  does not wash away easily and is not very mobile, so quickly builds up. Can cause issues in sports turf and some plants so I would suggest there are better alternatives.

    • Thank you Pro Green 

  • PRO

    We use a fair bit of seaweed on our lawns now, I have a blog post about the benefits of using it, this can be found here

    Using Organic Seaweed Feed to give your lawn the WOW factor
    How many marks out of 10 would you give your lawn? If it’s 9 or more, well done! If not, then your lawn could benefit from an extra burst of nutritio…
    • Thanks Robbie. I came across your blog when I was looking into seaweed for lawn use earlier in the year  Very informative. 

  • PRO

    Seaweed has been used here in Guernsey got years, mabe not so much now. Mainly on fields, collected from the bracket and spread then left for a while. The salt gets washed off and it starts to break down, then plowed in. There is also a chap drying it in a greenhouse then putting it through a shredder, bags it up an sells it.

This reply was deleted.

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