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Sealey earth auger

Thought I'd share our experiences after purchasing a Sealey earth auger. Needed for a 2000 hole planting job . Wanted the convenience of our own machine rather than hiring and budget wouldn't justify a Stihl machine at a£1000.

Plenty of earth augers on the net starting at around £120 from the far east,  but big problems if anything goes wrong getting warranty honoured and boxing up to return for refund/replacement. 

So decided to buy a Sealey badged auger, yes Chinese made and subsequently found out it's identical to other unbranded one's on the net but thought as it comes with 12 month warranty and Sealey are a well established brand and we could buy from a local dealer we are covered for problems. 

First machine lost all its gearbox mounting hex caps which we replaced then decided to blow fuel out of the tank under pressure,  so returned to dealer and supplied with replacement. 

The box the replacement came in was soaked in oil, this was because the gearbox oil filler had been left open, so refilled gearbox, choke lever had snapped off in transit but just about workable and indicator for on and off choke position indicated on when it was off and vice versa,  all gearbox hex caps loose so tightened. Back to work after 3 hours gearbox losing oil from around seal's.

So back to dealer for replacement number 2, thank goodness we've got a good  dealer.

Very disappointing that the quality control is not abysmal it's non existent. Thought maybe Sealey would have exercised some level of quality control on their suppliers,  appears the machines come straight out of China , put in a Sealey box and sent out to dealers.

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  • PRO

    Maybe the same quantity control as the battery of theirs that went nuclear in the back of van!

  • How much time did you loose by buying and then returning twice the cheap machine, apart from the stop starting of the work.Surly that's the moral of the story , no??… An Auger is a must for anyone doing planting, what is it £ 600 for an echo??. I have mine 10 years, more than paid for itself!

    • First time we've needed one in 40 years of planting even with the downtime we're still financially ahead

  • Sealey used to be known as a good make for things like jump start packs for vehicles, etc. but in the last few years I too have noticed many of their items are essentially the same product as some other less well known brands with a lower price point

  • PRO

    All of the Sealey stuff is just over badged, you only have to look on fleabay to see whatever your looking at, they are all identical just a different badge. It's more of a problem for the dealerships over here having to keep on replacing duds. I'm surprised they even bother selling it nowadays.

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