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Rough cut mower

I have a Parish Council contract that is a mixture of road side verges cut to one meter inside and more formal/semi-formal areas within the village itself. 

I use my 36inch Ferris Hydrocut for the work alongside the carriageway however the machine is too big to deal with the work in the village as there are tight areas and parked cars. 

I have used my Lawnflite 553 for the work in the village with no collection box and this is OK for the more formal areas that occasionally get cut in between my visits by residents. However there are other areas where the ground is quite uneven or where there are hidden hazards such as large stones and other debris and the Lawnflite is getting too knocked about or I'm concerned I'm going to hit something and destroy it!


I've thought about strimming the other areas but that eats into the time have allotted. Can anyone recommend a medium size mower that is hardy and can cope with long grass and rough ground conditions, inc potential debris?? I guess slightly larger wheels we'll assist. 


Much appreciated!!







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  • PRO

    Can you just strim around the obstacles and clean up with your lawnflite .? 

    Even a lightweight battery mower blade might catch a hard obstacle .

    Smallest petrol mower I bought for a specific job is 17 inch push mower made by a small independent UK firm Parker Brand costs under £150 and it's very reliable and well made also brilliant customer service but still a risk to use on that terrain by the sound of it any rotating blade will clip an obstacle or fling debris .

    Stihl do a little cordless hand held grass shear I have used around obstacles with great success albeit a bit painstaking but very handy  

  • What about a hayter hayterette? Never used one, but I intend to get one to add to my arsenal.

  • AS mowers pretty good for this type of work but pricey !!

  • Cheers for advice everyone. I picked up a Hayter Hayterette this morning! It's a few years old and the engine doesn't sound amazingly powerful but it feels strong/robust overall so looking forward to giving it a whirl.

    I'm assuming I could replace the engine down the line if needed as the rest of the mower is in very good nick!

    Thanks again. 

    • I'd like to know how you get on with this, as I keep looking for one local to me, are they light enough to push around?

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