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Robot mower

Dear all, 

A client of mine would like to invest in a robot mower for his meadow grass of 5000sqm . Has anyone any ideas on a pro model, or market leader?? We have Belrobotics and Husqvarna locally that fit that seize but I was just wondering if there's a go to model for such work, even if a robot can cut such grass..???


all the best 



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  • PRO

    I recently bought a Segway robot mower - it'll do 3000 sqm easily, not sure about 5000. I looked at this plus a luba 2 from mammotion that'll do 5000sqm. I couldn't get the luba 2 due to extended lead times, but I think it's OK now. From my research I would have preferred the Luba 2, but I'm more than happy with the Segway.

    I've complicated multiple lawns, lots of trees, odd shapes. The setup and accuracy is amazing, and no problems so far. In my research I concluded Husqvarna are lagging on price vs technoolgy eg they want an extra £1500 for the RTK system, whereas Segway and Mammotion Luba include it in the price. I paid around £2400 for the Segway, and would have paid around £2900 for the Luba 2. Husqv would have been closer to £4k for less functionality.

    The great thing about the robot mowers now ( Segway and Luba definetly ) is that setup requires no wires and they can mow in stripes or other patterns via the phone apps. It's all very simple.

    Have a look at you tube for the luba 2 mower reviews.

    • That's Brilliant info Andrew, thanks a lot!!


      best regard



  • My unsderstanding is that they work by doing a constant light trim.  If by meadow you mean it is left longer to flower, I doubt if a robot would be suitable.

  • PRO

    Yes they work by mowing at least 2 times per week. Mine's on each day in the afternoon onwards for 12 hours - roughly 4 hours mowing, then 3 charging, then another 4 hours. Then goes to sleep / charge. This is giving at least 3 mows per week for my areas.

    It wouldn't work if the grass becomes higher than approx 60mm for the segway, and it than happens, you have to mow down to 60mm with a normal mower, then use the robot. I think the Luba does a high mow variant, which would be around 100mm max.

  • For a meadow grass area of 5000sqm, you'll want a robot mower that's robust, reliable, and efficient. Both Belrobotics and Husqvarna are reputable brands known for their quality in this field.

    The Husqvarna Automower 450X or 550 are excellent options for larger areas like meadows. They offer advanced features such as GPS navigation, weather resistance, and efficient cutting patterns.

    Belrobotics also offers professional-grade robot mowers suitable for large areas. The Bigmow model, for example, is designed for extensive grounds and offers precise cutting and navigation capabilities.

    Ultimately, the best choice will depend on factors like budget, specific terrain characteristics, and any unique requirements the client may have. I recommend exploring the features and reviews of each model to make an informed decision.

    Best of luck with your client's investment!

    • Thanks Enrique, 

      Iv have passed on all the helpful replies here , it's up to him now to make the choice..


      Have a nice weekend!!


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