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Rip off servicing

I have a Hsuqvarna 750BTS with which the trigger has been getting sticky for a while. I tried WD40 as though it was just some dust. I had gotten worse & at the beginning of the week I took the trigger apart to inspect it. Only to find that the throttle cable is jammed fully open. Just when we all need the blowers every day!

I am not that mechanically minded to take the whole asemmbly apart so started ringing around to get it in for repairs/servicing. I found that lots of the localish guys won't touch Hussy kit, due to issues with finding spares. Of those that do I asked what the hourly labour charge is. Now I have used a company & brought kit from them in the past, Horace Fuller, in Surrey, they quoted me £90,00 per hour +vat. £108. ph I was astounded that is of course without parts as well. The guy on the phone knew it was wrong as he kept saying 'The boss says we have to charge this'. Utter madness. I wouldn't expect to pay a car mechanic this unless a main dealer.

After lots of calls the best I can get is a company with a 3 week wait (quite a few like that surprisingly atm) They want £65.00 ph  How much are others charging in other area's? It seems that there is a premium for working with Hussy, have any of you guys had this issue as well?

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  • We got rid of all our Husqvarna kit sometime ago,  blowers, hedgecutters and mowers because of part supply issues. We now use Echo hedgecutters and blowers ( do yourself a favour get an Echo pb 8010 blower it makes the Husqvarna look like a toy )!.

    It's over 3 years since we made the swap and haven't needed any spares so far, utterly reliable. As to repair labour charges we use one large multi franchise dealer and a small independent they're both around £50 hr plus vat, we're vat registered so that helps. 

    • Cheers Peter.

  • Hi, similar to Peter, I mostly use echo kit. Had a husky hedge cutter a couple of years back and although it left a nice finish was nowhere near as well built as my echo. Here in notts my local independent is about £50 p/h. 

    • PRO

      Another vote for echo . Last week took my echo hedge trimmer in for its first service in 8 years from new apart from self lube of gearbox never had a single issue   

      I pay around £35 labour for Stihl kombi engine servicing .

      I am expecting echo to be same for labour plus parts but I will be happy to pay £90 or more it's such a reliable nice to use machine even though I mostly use battery kit these days my old echo is a joy to use . 

      I had the echo blower but it was stolen but again reliable and effortless to use .

  • £90+vat does seem like robbery.  I've always gone with Stihl.  Lots of dealers that can do work at a fair price.  Pretty much any spare part can be obtained easily.  I've always used LS Engineers and even the most unusual part can be ordered and usually arrives in a couple of days. 

    • PRO

      LS engineers are excellent , I am not very confident about sharpening hedge trimmer blades , I don't mind paying for this service .

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Trade green waste centres

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