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Ransomes 2250 or similar ?

Having got to the point where I have almost too much work and now being offered significantly more, I am seriously looking at buying a used Ransomes 2250 or a similar machine from John Deere, for example.

I currently use a John Deere Z535m and a Stiga 740Pwx. Both are excellent machines. The Stiga is the perfect tool for churchyards for example. But I also do a number of playing fields, some on the smaller side and some large. For these I use the Z535m, which is very fast. But a bigger machine such as a 2250 would slash the time taken on each job thus freeing up more time for the extra work. I could work far more efficiently.

I have used Ransomes machines in the past, such as 5/7’s tractor mounted gang mowers and various ‘triple’ gang machines. I know well that cylinder units need constant slight adjustment and that the servicing, if done correctly [stripped down, cylinder and bottom blade grinding and new bearings], is time consuming and expensive. Then there is the risk of hydraulic pumps failing, particularly when you don’t know the history.

So I am looking at either Magna cylinders or perhaps the more practical option of a deck machine. I really need the width of cut though, so perhaps a batwing machine.

John Deere are the best when it comes to spares availability, parts are usually next day to the dealer. I am looking at perhaps 8k to 10k to get something as new as possible.

I need something that will mow playing fields very fast but also very well.

Any thoughts or ideas would be very useful. Buying a used machine of this type can have many pitfalls.

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  • PRO

    Couple of thoughts for you on this, prompted by a breakdown at the start of AUgust of my less than 1 year old Toro Z Master (which is still not fixed).......and I am in a similar situation to you, got all I can reasonably do in a dry week, phones still ringing.

    I drive a 17 foot long Hilux pick up to have the towing capacity to take the 650Kg Zmaster to a job site on a 14 foot long trailer.  Its a witch to park, not cheap on insurance, and likes more than a sip of go-go juice.  My insurance company also charges me a little extra to tow and insure the trailer, which needs a service.   When travelling with the trailer I have to plan my route reasonable carefully and make sure that I can turn round with the trailer............my days tend to be organised around 'big mower and trailer' or 'push mower and just the pickup'.

    A parkway weighs in at 1360kgs roughly.  Do you have a vehicle and trailer to carry and legally tow this weight?  Is all the extra worth it for a few jobs?   Have you got room to store a parkway and get other kit out during the winter? I find the equipment I want is always at the back.

    I am seriously considering getting rid of the zmaster and selling the big trailer, changing the pick up for a transit, reduce my insurance and fuel bill..........  I could ruduce my costs and take a lot of money back out of the business.  Turnover will drop but profit might not.   That said I would rather sit on the Zmaster than push mow.

    I think what I am trying to say is a triple mower is not just for christmas!

    • Hi Brian,

       Thanks for the reply. Funnily enough, I too drive a Hilux [Invincible] and I love them. I am on my eighth one now [all were new ones - current one only 21 months old]. I personally would never swap the Hilux for a van. I also need four wheel drive now and then. As I spend so much of my life out and about working, I really want a nice, comfortable vehicle to spend my days in. So yes, I do have a vehicle that will tow a 2250 on a trailer, with capacity to spare. The current mk8 Hilux’s are now 3.5 tonne towing capacity, so I wouldn’t even get close to that with a 2250 and trailer. Yes, I do have room to store it also. 

       I have never had a problem with the trailer as regards tight situations. I suppose it depends where you are working [sounds like you are in a busy built up area]. Here in the Derbyshire countryside there is plenty of room. All my work is easy to get in and out of.

       My insurance is very reasonable and as all my work is very close to me, I only do 6k miles per year. I get high twenties, but that includes a great deal of towing and short journeys. It will do 40 on a run.

       Apart from one small job, all my work is ride on. I only do that job as it is for a friend. I would very happily never use a hand mower ever again. I do have much experience with the bigger gear, gang mowers etc., so I am very comfortable with buying a larger machine. It wouldn’t just be used on any new work. I could use it on many existing jobs which would then take far less time to do, freeing up much time and increasing productivity.

       So I really want a bit of advice on which machine to buy. Is there anyone on the forum with first-hand knowledge of the various machinery options?

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