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Pruning espallier pear.

Hi guys.I've just been asked to prune a espalier pear which is growing against the gable of an old two story Victorian house. Its growing up past the chimney. It hasn't been done in at least 4 years, maybe longer. I will use a ladder and hand tools. I'm just starting out in this business, and I want to get the quote right. It's in my village so I want to give a fair price. I'm not sure if I can attach a photo here?

Many thanks.


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  • PRO

    As part of your quote be good to make them aware that this would possibly be 'renovation' pruning that will need follow up work over the next two years , August - Sept ( more usual pruning). 

    Always good to make them aware that fruiting may be poor next year.

    • PRO

      A lot of spurs and a lot of tying in  Up and down a ladder and removal of waste . 

      Over a days work or more ? 

      Also allow for any return visits 

      While you don't want to get a reputation for being too expensive equally you don't want to get a reputation for being too cheap . 

      If the tree was not in your village how much would you charge ?  

  • To be honest, without photos, knowing how fast/efficiently you work, about rubbish disposal, how much do you expect for an hours work,  it really is impossible to give you an idea of price.

    • I'm just starting out, so probably not the quickest. Customer dealing with waste. I think it's a good days work. Its a bit of a mess. Probably best to do some in December, then more in Summer. Might take 2/3 years to get it back to how it should be. Ive discussed it with family. I first thought £120. I now realise that's way to low. My family think more like £200- £300. It's a lot of ladder work. Skill in knowing what to cut. It just sounds like a lot of money. Again I'm very new to this. Is there anyway I can post a picture on here? Many thanks. Joe
      • PRO

        I only access LSJ from a computer, but when you click reply the top bar above the text where you type next to link there is a direct upload button, navigate to the image file on your comptuer and that should work for you.


        Second icon along in my attached image.

        • I wish I could get a picture up. It's a beast!
      • PRO

        you need to work out what is worth your time for the work you will do - in conjunction for what that work will earn you in the future 

        if its a new job and a personal area - maybe you are best offering a fair price you are happy with that leads to more work via recommendation 

        theres a big jump from 120 - 200/300 

        dont be someone that jumps for the highest return at expense of future jobs in year one. 

      • I'm sure others will disagree but £120 for a day..... no waste to get rid of............  isn't really "way to low" in my opinion considering your lack of experience and as you say you're  "not the quickest".  As Dan says, do a good job at a fair price and you'll get more work through recommendations.  I'm sure with experience you'd be able to do the job in a morning for the £120 and then do another one in the afternoon.... you'll be rolling in money then!!

        • Thanks guys. That's good advice. As I say I'm still very new to this. Many thanks. Joe
          • PRO

            It sounds like the tree is monumental if its going up past the chimney , I would start by doing a risk assessment , as well as checking for cables and point out any damage to the property which the tree could be hiding which of course you may have done already .

            I would be tackling this job methodically and slowly , I wouldn't worry about not being the fastest , Your safety is paramount .   

This reply was deleted.

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