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Hi All,

Please go easy as this is my first post...

I'm wondering what you all wear on your feet...

After a few years of wearing Karrimor shoes/boots (Mount Low/Mount High) waterproof and breathable, the last pair only lasted for about 5 weeks before they ripped. I wad told that this was not a manufacturing fault so tough.. Also, the removable footbed rides up under my heel making them uncomfortable, and removing them totally is even worse!

I don't do landscaping so don't need anything over the top ( i ditched steelies years ago), but they need to be comfortable, light, waterproof and breathable for mowing all day and flexible enough for kneeling/weeding etc. Oh, No Wellies!! I'm willing to spend up to the £100 mark if they'll last a few years.

On another note, I've got rid of my beloved yellow disposable earplugs and gone for a pair of Tactix ear Defs, but they make my ears busd worse than if i wasn't wearing anything.... Is this a brand fault?

Any help would be appreciated..

Kind regards, Steve.




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  • PRO

    I would suggest you wear steel toecaps even if you are "just" mowing. I wouldn't want to drop a mower on my foot if the ramps slip (for example) any more than I would want to drop a hammer on my toe.


    I wear these for everything


    They last around 2 years (including some gritting in the winter so covered in salt) before they start to let water in through the inside of the boot seam.


    Very comfy and great grip.

    S3 Safety boots Oberstdorf | engelbert strauss
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  • PRO

    Boots - I have gone back to Buckler boots - used their B500's for years, then the B750, then tried Dewalt brand boots from Screwfix which were bloody awful, then some others that I binned after 4 weeks - back to Buckler BSH008WPNM now nearly £90 a pair - waterproof and seem good so far.

    Have to be toe caps as we work on commercial sites and I have horses and livestock at home so they are worn 7 days a week in tough conditions for 12 hours plus. I get through boots every 6 months or so but they have had some serious grief in that time!

    Ear defenders are Peltor 3M Optime II - used day in day out - always a spare pair or two in the van and only about £15 or so....


  • PRO

    I've moved from Englebert Struass to Dickies.

    Safety boots are a must IMO. Last year my apprentice was taking waste to a compost area in a client's garden and an old nail went straight through her boots into her foot. Luckily no serious damage. I thought she had S3 boots, in fact she didnt have the steel midsole - and as Seth says there are good reasons for steel toe caps.

  • I agree with others on steel toe caps there a must for any outdoor work there is so much choice available and what works for some doesn't for others.  Ear defenders are a must and you shouldn't have any kind of buzz (I think thats what you mean)  so i would think that its the fault of the brand you have.  I bought a pair from screw fix last year they cost £6.99 I wasn't expecting much I just didn't want to spend £30 on some peltor ones but TBH i was so impressed I bought a second pair.  I use these when i'm mowing it may seem extreme but if your using a machine all day the sound will eventually damage your hearing.  Never got on with ear plugs and I don't think they offer they same protection as defenders.

      SE1348 Comfort Ear Defenders 29.8dB SNR

  • PRO

    You're right about the karrimors. Quality has gone right down over the years but i still have a pair. Last pair i paid extra as for me i had a series ot the mount boots that just were not waterproof from new.

    I like the dewalt boots. Work great for me and last a about a year but as you don't get on with them you could try the engleberts. Loads of peeps on here use them and say good things about them.

    Ear defenders i've used stihl and husquarna. Both great but pricey. Husky did'nt last as long as stihl - tabs that fix it to the headband broke. Stihl lasted until the covering on the padding split which took a number of years. Both come in a version with a mask for strimming. Get the mesh type as the plastic mask type smear with debris and get scratched.

    Now i've got some cheapy ones i bought at a hire shop and they do the job just as well as the stihls and cost about £6-7 so a no brainer for me as i needed 3. If they get lost or damaged then it's not the end of the world. Cost wise made sense for me. If i was a one man band again i would consider the sthil again. They were super comfy.


  • I can agree with the quality of Buckler boots.

    As for shoes, two pairs, one shower proof pair of cheap £40 karimoor walking shoes and another pair of fully waterproof Salewa hikers that cost 3 times the Karimoor's but will last 4 times as long.

    I need another set as my missus seems to think I need one set for work and another for our garden....?!?


  • PRO


    I wear a pair of Engelbert Strauss boots, well made and last well although not as comfortble as another pair of screwfix brand as I have wide feet. I would definitely recommend steel toe caps and midsole, seems overkill but has saved me a few times. Eardefenders, the 3M Peltor are comfy and work well.


  • PRO

    I only mow for residential customers so wear Grub/Muck boots in ankle version if you need something waterproof .... lasted me years ... Cost £40-£60

    Hi-Tec Silver Shadows for general dry wear. Under £30 and last about a season


    Just my opinion but if i felt i needed steel toe caps for my job I would probably feel the need to wear them as an every day non-work shoe aswell. 


    Ear defenders are essential though, along with a hat, eye protection/sun glasses and factor 50 sunscreen.




  • Hi Guys

    Thanks for the feedback. 

    I've just been and bought some Peltor ear defs- should have got a pair ages ago!! They're really comfortable, even over my bush hat and combined with my strimming visor- and my customers don't stand pulling faces and waving they're arms around 

    As for the boots, well, I thought I'd start at the bottom and work up (I'm a bit tight!). Just bought some DeWalt phoenix-reduced by 16% @ Screwfix. Comfy from the off, even kneeling for weeding. However, as I have narrow feet I can't pull them tight enough and I know that they're going to'give' even more as they are a supple leather. Shame as they tick the boxes-even being steelies (they are a bit heavier than I'm used to). Will look into the others. 

    Thanks again, Steve.

    Ps ( sorry for the delay in getting back- I've been working 10 he days-probably like the rest of you and I can't seem to get my replies uploaded?)

    Stay safe and enjoy the scenery.. we have a wonderful office !

  • PRO

    For general work wear i use either a safety trainer or boot, depending on weather, but im considering a pair of these still safety spec but composite rather than steel, so for general gardening and mowing, should be more comfortable/lighter for all day use.

    Site Trona Metal Free Safety Trainers Navy Size 7
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