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Hi All.

Not sure why or if my original attempt to post this hasn't showed up, but the basics of the OP was whether anyone can recommend a decent pH and N-P-K soil testing kit.

Looking to diversify a little into soil/lawn management & or weed control. This weather is gradually sending me closer to the edge with cancelled appointments. 

Hope you're all coping well.

Cheers in advance. 


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  • PRO

    Depends what you are looking for with the sampling - BUT Progreen (site sponsors) do a service where they send you a package, instructions on how to do the sampling, you email it back, they test it, do a very detailed breakdown and write you a recommendation for a very reasonable fee!

    • PRO

      Hi Adam.

      Thank you very much for the reply. 

      I was actually looking to diversify into providing a soil testing service along with treatments resulting from the tests as well as a weed control service for hard standing areas, driveways etc. 

      This last two months have wreaked havoc with my schedule. 

      Thanks again. 

      • PRO

        So would it not be best to subcontract the soil testing to 'experts' and then benefit from / provide the resulting services ?

        Once experienced and / or qualified you can then bring this back in house....

        Weed Control services will currently be a challenge with the weather. You may be able  to take advantage of brief weather windows if using the right products.

        • PRO

          Hi Gary. 

          I'm pretty happy with my knowledge regarding the actual testing side of things and acting on the NPK & pH levels results. I have quite a close relationship with my current suppliers who'll be able to advise accordingly. I was just wondering if anyone had actually had any experience of a particular test kit that was acceptable, ie no scrimping on the contents (something that was mentioned about one test kit that looked good, but only supplied enough for a handful of tests).

          I take your point about the weather concerning the weed control service. Maybe I am getting overly nervous about the situation but thought there's a certain flexibility with weed control that isn't quite there with garden maintenance. 


          • PRO

            I'd be looking to leverage the experience of someone like Progreen to underpin such a service offering as they employ qualified experts and to me that would a valuable USP to clients.

            I guess it's how you want to market / sell it.

            Analogy - I'm a petrolhead and can service a vehicle myself, but if I wanted a 'gaurantee' of the quality of the service if I was to sell the car on - I'd use a qualified technician .....

            My view - don't reinvent the wheel .. :)

    • Funnily enough I was talking to pro green about their fertilisers and soil testing just this morning. I think it was Robert I spoke to, very nice chap and very knowledgeable 

  • I bought a kit by Hanna Instruments but haven't actually got around to using it yet. (Am interested in testing my own garden soil and compost.) I had a good search around the net and this looked like the best value, ie. maybe being half decent but not silly money. You get enough for 25 tests and can buy more. When I get 10 minutes to myself I'll try it out.

    • PRO

      Hi John, thank you for taking the time to reply. 

      Hanna is exactly the one I have homed in on so it would be great to get an update once you've tried it.

      They provide replacement reagents too which would be great once the actual kit has been purchased. 

      Look forward to hearing your opinion on their product.

  • Supplier

    Hi, we at Indigrow can provide a soil sampling service for a reasonable price, we can then help tailor a programme for you or clients based on the results.

This reply was deleted.

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