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Pandemic Discounts

We’ve all had to innovate over 2020 but who else has introduced discounts to a selected few - NHS, Pensioners, Emergency Services etc?

Been giving 14% discounts from day one and although I’m down an extra few hundred quid I totally believe this was the way to go in 2020.

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  • I have to say that I don’t agree with the premise.

    My niece is a senior nurse who teaches other nurses. I have a friend who is a senior administrator at the same hospital. They and other medical people I know from other hospitals tell me the same story.

    During the first lockdown and in the weeks and months following, hospital staff were going into work, but didn’t have any patients to treat because many departments were either not accepting patients or patients were too afraid to attend. Workload was massively reduced. So staff were sat twiddling their thumbs and trying to look busy.

    The Covid wards at our very large Royal hospital that serves a huge swathe of the County, only peaked at 50% capacity in April. They had only three wards designated for Covid, so only used one and a half of those wards. They were so slack in fact that staff were asked to volunteer to travel to busier hospitals.

    A few police officers have behaved very badly, letting their new powers go to their heads and acting like thugs, abusing people in the street just for being outside.

    Public sector workers such as NHS staff and the police etc. have enjoyed complete job security throughout all of this lockdown madness, whereas the rest of us, people running small businesses have been the ones who have been hit the hardest. I know people whose businesses are now gone. Livelihood’s ruined. It is these small business owners who are the ones who have suffered and may end up bankrupt and lose their homes.

    The local GP’s have now reverted to telephone consultations in nearly all cases. In fact you can now get a telephone appointment the same day you ring to ask for one, that’s how less busy they are. So the GPs now work from home just ringing patients. Most GPs get a six figure salary. Many GP’s choose to work part time now because they can manage on only £60k.

    So no, I haven’t felt the urge to offer my local Doctors a discount to show my appreciation for their difficult lives of six figure salaries, large houses and expensive cars. Or to do the same for well-paid police officers who can retire at 50 with a fantastic pension. [Someone I was at school with joined the police, rose to Chief Inspector and retired at 49]

    Pensioners incomes are the same whether there is a lockdown or not. Why would they need a discount? There has been too much focus on what is broadly called the emergency services. Very few of these have actually been working with Covid related issues at all and they have all kept their jobs and incomes. There has been a lack of focus on the poor individuals really suffering with the anxiety of watching business go down and undergoing significant financial losses.

    I might feel inclined to offer a discount to the couple who run a boarding house, or small pub. Or to the many small shop owners whose shops are now closed again. I think we have been looking at this the wrong way.

    • Well said Vic.

      Public sector has been on 100% wages in furlough. Unlike the private sector at 80%.

      And what about the teacher's in the public sector? At home doing nothing while the private schools were running online lessons from day one! Massive let down for my children and the others.


    • Well said  vic people need to stand up to this its absolutely ridiculous  scaremongering on a massive scale. And lo and behold after 9 months they have a vaccine. Research of vaccines takes years but no we found one

    • My sentiments exactly, put better than I ever could.

      Thanks Vic.

    • Add me to your fan club Vic!!


  • I think that's a nice gesture Mark. 

    It's not something I have done, we have helped our community in other ways (the kids did a home grown plant sale over the summer, and we are sorting a food drop off point on our drive, both to support a local food bank) but well done. 

  • Fair play Mark,

    Thats an inspiring gesture, one that wont be forgotten and may stand to your business in the future.


    Well done


  • i agre with Vic GPs do not seem to be doing anything cannot get to see them out of town drive through flue jabs run by the nhs but not your GP (ours was in a farm yard)  and it seems pritty genral all over the country 

    also a lot of appointment have been cancled by the hospital i recentley lost a mate because of his gp and hospital said at first it was all in his mind that is after he lost 3 stone in 6 weeks 

  • Hi Mark, 

    well done buddy, I say each to their own, from day one of COVID I have put aside half a day each week to work in the gardens of NHS staff absolutely free of charge, my company and my choice and my time. To me it's about making a difference in the lives of people that put their lives on the line for us every single day...

This reply was deleted.

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