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  • I personally laid this lawn , rotivated and topsoil 

    never know. This problem , any ideas anyone please ? 

  • red thread fungus?

  • Agree red thread

  •  it lookes very dry some of the plants at the side look like they could have been weed killed and all way round the edge a good water and a high nitrogen feed will sort the red thred out if that is what it is 

  • PRO

     I'm thinking someone applied lawn fertlzer by hand very badly.

  • PRO

    have they hosed it off using a hose pipe that has been laying out in the sun? At this time of year a hosepipe containing sitting water before the fresh stuff comes through can get pretty hot

  • PRO

    Looks like weed killer or scorched by fertiliser that hasn't been watered in


    It just looks to have dried out to me. Also, the surrounding bare ground looks very poor, stony etc. It’s also such a small area of turf that this in itself exacerbates the problem.

    I also suspect that some pockets of air have formed, either by soil settling or the turf starting to dry out and then lifting.

    I would drench the turf and then ‘plank’ it again. This should remove any air pockets.

    Many years ago I had the same thing happen [client had not been watering enough], although in my case it was just a very few footprint sized spots. I told the client just to push them down with his feet and water. All was soon well again.

    • PRO

      The ground looks baked at the edges but I suspect there is perhaps more red in the lawn not showing in the image which will be red thread .

      Looks like the turf has knitted together well but the baked edges indicate lack of water and the turf is drying out and roots not in contact with top soil .

      I would have thought a high concentration of feed would produce brown scorch marks .

      Some of the grass is still lush ,  some has  bolted into forming seed head .

      When was it last cut ? Or has it been left ,watered in the hope of it greening up already .?


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