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    The phone numbers aren't clickable from a mobile.

    • oh ok?? i have just tried on mine and my mrs phone and they both seem to work fine, can call land line from both mobiles, and can call my mobile from hers by clicking the number links,  will look into it further tho

      thanks phil

      • PRO

        Hi Phil

        You can highlight the numbers and go to call, though it should be you click on them and it bring up the phone ready to callifthat makes sense?

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    Your buttons at the bottom of the page look a bit misaligned mate

  • PRO

    Phil I would remove the email address from the top left of your pages - spambots will get it and fill your inbox.

    Photo on your homepage is a bit out of focus - looking at your other photo's, they are all in focus, perhaps swap it for another one - your homepage is your shop window and gives a first impression.

    On your Fencing and Decking page is says Paving Experts in Hampshire, the blurb underneath talks about decking and fencing, perhaps add something about paving as per the title?

    Phone numbers are clickable on my phone, but the message that comes up on your homepage for emergency call outs doesn't have clickable numbers, and also your landline number on your homepage in black - when I click it I get the message "This website has been blocked from automatically starting a call", with options to ignore or allow call. Haven't got a clue what that means.

    Nice to see as a potential customer I could go direct to Yell from the link,  and read reviews about you.

  • PRO

    Hi Phil,

    As Scott mentions, I found the site confusing.  Page Titles i.e subject i.e your services need all the info on 'that' page to be relevant to it

    I found looking at your site using Firefox, that a lot of info needed to be scrolled down, here is Screen shot of your hard landscaping page

    as you can see the text is out of sight

    scrolling down reveals

    Clearly I don't know how much control you have over the 'look' but the yellow banner text would be better over the top picture and edited to be relevant to the picture / page

    All four pages, show just the photo, before scrolling down

    You could use internal links to the other pages

    You might want mention 'your name', when you are available, how quick you will respond

    Why oh why isn't your contact email e.g have you not got control of your domain name?

    The white box text - alt text - and URL page titles don't match

    Hard landscaping - Artificial Grass Installations

    Fencing and Decking - Paving and Decking

    Garden Walls and Paving - For the installation of garden walls

    Water Features and Outdoor Lighting - Water Feature installlation by

    the Url for the above is

    Most if not all pictures, have not got Descriptive text as in what,why,when or Alt text

    On your contact page an opportunity to say 'Based in Hampshire, we install patios, etc in Bordon, Andover, etc

    and some pics are out of focus

    Hope this helps :-)

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    Hi Phil, I can see that you're working on your website.

    Some tips

    Proof read before publishing

    Be clear, and concise about what you are trying to say

    Don't repeat yourself in the same paragraph.

    Do a 'why hire us' bullet point list

    Do a why hire a landscaper i.e your garden looks better but also works better practically, functionally, spatially, eg you can walk around your garden without getting muddy shoes, no more falling over uneven surfaces, better access for wheelchairs, etc

    • thanks for the replies

      i had the site done for me by as i did get a decent deal from them, and also i dont have a clue about building a website, however i do have control over it, but not 100% confident about changing things but have been having a go at it.

      first look and i didnt notice all the things mentioned, but going through the pages i can see the bit as mentioned, thanks scott h and geoffrey for all the pointers, as i am changing things hopefully you can still give me some pointers, i do want to change the email to but not sure how to do that, i do have control of my domain but as i said not confident with computer jargon.

      i also have a couple of other sites that was made for me by a friend but they are dated now and i have never had control over them, and both have worked in the past and have bought me work in over the years, but now wanted a fresh up to date site


      thanks phil 

      • PRO

        Hi Phil,

        Having never looked at Yell's offering, I assume they host it.  When you log in to alter the website details, that is the 'back-end'.  But there is also another part, the actual host log-in where you can if you use wordpress for example determine your own email addresses, passwords etc.

        Then there is the domain name which is often 'with' the webhost, but can easily be with another registrar.

        If you have full control of your domain name, you can usually set up email addresses independently of the webhost.

        e.g we have the domain '' which I could choose to register with Heart internet for example, without needing to have a hosting package with them, they allow you to set up email adresses for your domain name

        If you don't have complete control, and it's all too complicated, consider registering another domain to use as an email address

        e.g your town name b**d* is available, you could register it for about £15 for 2 years, then you would be in total control

        If you're not sure how to go about this, contact me for help.

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        • thanks geoffrey

          i am not sure about the being in total control of everything, but i will call yell tomorrow to get the on the website, as they did ask if i wanted it, but as i have been using for best part of 20 years i thought it would be best to stick with that, as its sign written on my vans thought it would be easier, but i assume they will be able to link it together, or just get some new sign for my vans and change all advertising


          thanks phil   

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