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New Chainsaw needed.

Hi Everyone, 

Happy new year, the time has come for me to purchase a new chainsaw, I don't use it very often but my 20 year old Stihl 023 saw is in need of retirement. Any recommendations for its replacement? I only really need it for cutting up fire wood, needs to be around a 16 inch bar and ground work only.


many thanks in advance. Harry 

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  • I don’t use my Husqvarna all that much, although it has proved reasonably reliable. Although it’s had a new pull mechanism, the first one not lasting very long and long being troublesome. I have also been looking at getting a new chainsaw, but in late 2018 I moved over to Stihl battery kit, buying a hedge cutter, pole hedge cutter and batteries/charger. A short while later I bought a Stihl battery strimmer and backpack battery.

    All I can say is that I will never go back to petrol. So the next chainsaw will be a Stihl battery type. I have found chainsaw petrol engines to be the most temperamental of all small petrol gear over the years.

    The battery kit I have has been absolutely fantastic. Just being able to press the trigger and go without the possible engine starting issues and all the physical excursion that entails. I have also saved a good deal of money by not buying as much petrol.

    A couple of years ago, on a very hot day, I got the Husqvarna out just to cut two or three small branches. Of course it wouldn’t start. Fuel evaporation probably given the temperature. Trying to start the damn thing was harder than subsequently cutting the three branches by hand. Many weeks later, the next time I needed it, it started first pull.

    So my recommendation for a new chainsaw, particularly given your needs and usage, would be to get a Stihl battery one. There are many Youtube videos comparing petrol to battery and the battery comes out very favourably. Of course, if you are an American giant redwood lumberjack then you probably need a £2k petrol chainsaw. But we aren’t and so don’t.

    • Hi Vic, what Stihl strimmer did you go for? I was also thinking of switching over to the FSA 90 R for this coming spring. 

      many thanks 

      • Hi Harry,

        I got the FSA130. There is a big difference between the 90 and the 130. The 130 has the motor where the petrol engine would normally be, with a solid drive shaft down to the strimmer head gearbox, like a normal petrol strimmer.

        The 90 has the electric motor down at the strimmer head. The local District Council have some 90’s and they keep breaking. If you hit something which suddenly stops the head going round, it shatters the motor. I know several who work for the DC and they told me about this. My dealer also confirmed this was happening.

        The 130 is a much stronger machine with a totally superior, tried and tested design. I used mine all last year with no issues.

        • i have the 90 which ideal for a quick thrash as it will take an AP battery pack so is a self contained pick up and go type of machine. The 130 i tend to use for the more serious jobs, usually with the backpack battery

  • PRO

    Hi Harry, if you've already any Stihl battery gear fully recommend their little ms200 - quiet & light.

    Our one gets used for minor tree works & firewood.

    I also think there's a cheaper version using the domestic battery range 🤔

    Have been know to also use our HTA battery polesaw as well if cutting small logs on a stand.

    • PRO

      Very tempted with the saw so keen to hear these recommendations

  • Like Gary, I've been really impressed with an MSA200 battery chainsaw I purchased a couple of years back.  Didn't think it would be up to much when I bought it but my MS260 gets very little use now.   You only get 30  minutes out of one charge on the largest battery so obviously it depends on how much wood you're going to be cutting up whether its worth while.   Cuts through 12"+ logs with  little effort and you always know it's going to start even if you haven't used it for  months. . 

  • Hi Guys, thank you for replies, yes I'm currently running Stihl Battery hedge cutters, I've got the AP300 batteries so will take a look at the MS200, with two log burners in the house we are going through a lot of fire wood, thank you 

  • My next chainsaw will be a sthil battery one.

    I'd hold fire on the strimmer, if you use the combi stuff. My sthil dealer told me before Xmas there's a new Stihl battery combi engine coming out this year, which doesn't need the back pack! I think it's called kma135r!

    • PRO

      The KMA 135R is already 'out' - if you can get hold of one....(ours is on backorder).

      Will offiically be in new 2021 catalog out shortly


This reply was deleted.

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