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Nest pension scheme for employees

Has anyone here set this up for their employees? I'm considering setting it up myself for my 2 employees as I have plenty of time on my hands and would save several hundred pounds compared with having it done for me. I think I would then have the lady who does my payroll manage the ongoing payments as maths isn't my strong point. So just hoping for some feedback on how tricky it is.Thanks.

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  • PRO

    Looking at the nest scheme there is a 0.3% annual management charge and a 1.8% contribution charge. Plus it's free to set-up (free lunch syndrome). Looks fairly simple to set-up looking at the info needed.

    However, FSB is £399+vat to set-up, 0.5% annual management charge, and no contribution charge. So, your employee and employer contributions will go further with the FSB scheme long term (rough payback for 2 employees could be around 5 years). No real benefit for you though.

    As ever, nothing is for free, it's just how they get you to pay for it!

    • PRO
      Those annual charges are for the employee who has the pension is that correct? I actually think both my employees will probably not stay enrolled as they are both paying off student loans at the mo and can't see them wanting to give up any more wages at the moment so it's more about the set up cost I'm concerned about.
      • PRO

        We went with NEST and the reasons you mentioned are one of the reasons we chose it and have been borne out. We've been staged for over a year now.

        I would select the solution that is best value for the Company. Key to remember is that you can not give advice or exert +/- pressure on employees over what they do.

  • PRO
    Yes it's on any contributions. Hope they stay in. This is where a generous employer matching contribution can act as a good perk for both retention and their long term financial prospects.

    I'm just hitting 50 and I spend quit a bit of time looking at my pension position. I'm fortunate in having been in a mix of good company schemes and personal schemes where I and company contributed 7% each. Can't stress the importance of starting early and making regular contributions.

    I can't advise my staff but I will be trying hard to make it attractive to them to go into the scheme and stay there with good levels of matched contributions.
  • PRO

    Understanding what attracts an employee is key and needs looking at from all prospectives.

    I sat my guys down with our HR Manager service last year to understand what drives them. One subject that became clear is, in general, the younger they are the less interested they are in savings, pensions etc and it would not be something they valued. They wanted money in their pocket, now. None wanted to participate in Pensions. We can all say that's wrong, they need to start early to save for later life, but someone in their early 20's wants the latest phone, or sound system in their car. The oldies however, saw the benefit and wanted it and have stayed contracted in.

    So, it's a mix of incentives that is needed from their prospective. From an Employer's prospective, you need to look at the typical employment life span of an employee, assess the cost of that benefit on the bottom line and see if it makes financial sense....I chose the lowest cost to the business while trying to provide the best value for money option for those that wanted it.

    • PRO
      Yes this is my thinking. My guys are young and just starting out in life and I retain their loyalty in other ways such as perks and a decent hourly rate. I'm not going to influence them either way but I'm not going to be putting in any more than the minimum and I know I wouldn't have been interested at that age.
  • PRO

    The other thing in my mind is that wrt to turnover, people are quite transient in this industry, so new members of staff are more likely to have been in either the FSB or NEST schemes than others, so picking one of those may make things easier in the longer term re management.

    Gary, what do you do re the ongoing management needs - who does that & what cost? Is it onerous - eg looking at the FSB Premium vs essentials.

    • PRO

      It's 'outsourced' to our Accountants. They have invested in software that bolts onto SAGE payroll and interfaces to Pension scheme providers, eg NEST. So from my prospective it's all seamless.

      Every payday, their earnings are assessed by the system to see if they need to be Opt'd in in etc.All communications are delivered electronically to their mailboxes and they each have a NEST logon as well. We also now deliver their payslips online to a 'Portal'

      The costs were similar to set up compared to FSB BUT our Accountant's offering is integrated. With the FSB you still need manual intervention for your PAYE to/from Pensions systems. We pay a cost per employee per month for PAYE and then if enrolled a Pensions management cost.

  • PRO
    Update for anyone interested and anyone searching for info on Nest in the future. I have just completed setting up a Nest scheme and enrolling my 2 employees. It was pretty simple and took about an hour and a half just because I had to gather a fair bit of information to input and checked everything twice. My payroll lady can also access it if the employees stay enrolled. So a bit of time on a very rainy day has saved me £250.
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