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Mower warranty advice

Hello all,

I bought a Hayter 41 pro on the 9th of April this year. I noticed the mower was leaking oil and took it back to the dealer this morning. Their technician located the fault to a gasket somewhere around the cylinder head and said it was probably faulty from day 1. The dealer has spoken to Hayter and they have said that under the warranty they only have to repair the fault rather than replace the machine. 

I'm just wondering if anyone knows where I stand on this. Should I accept the repaired machine or be insisting it is replaced? And do I have any rights with regard to the down time while it is sorted out? I have a good relationship with the dealer and know they will try to do the right thing by me but they are also tied by what Hayter have said.

Any thoughts and advice appreciated.




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  • Hi Jim,

    Waranties on machines obviously only cover manufacturing faults which clearly yours is and are for the machine to be repaired or replaced depending on what is most cost effective for the manufacture.  Providing it is just a gasket this would be repaired as not a hugely expensive job.  Unfortunately down time on machines is never covered, many dealers will try to keep you going with a loan machine but this cannot be guaranteed.  Unfortunately this is a reason that many people have multiple mowers.

  • This really is a very simple, straightforward repair and the machine will be as good as new..... the machine should only be out of action for a day at the most and perhaps the dealer might let you borrow another machine if you're really stuck though most people usually have a back-up machine for when a breakdown happens.  I don't think you can expect a replacement machine, nor is it necessary, for a very minor problem like this.

  • PRO

    As you think highly of the dealer I would trust them with the repair. At the moment, no new machine needed. However, do talk with the dealer and stress that if it's something else, or isn't fixed, then you'll be looking to revisit the issue.of replacement. Re downtime, no comeback. It is always a good idea to have a back-up mower for emergencies we use cheaper Garden Care or Cobras for this.

    • PRO

      Thanks Andrew, a good point on talking to them about possible future problems. They are a good dealership and I have been a good customer over the years so they treat me well. It's the main reason I don't tend to buy my machines online and they match prices anyway.

  • PRO

    Thanks for your replies chaps, I suppose I just wanted some reassurance that the mower will be ok following a repair. I do have back up machines, they're just not as good as this one. 

  • by law you have to give them chance to repair the fault first, when the dealer strips it down and he finds its more than the gasket he will get in touch with Hayter to resolve the problem 

    if it continues after the repair has been done you can try and get it replaced but as you say you have a good relationship with the dealer so they should look after you as best they can

    • PRO

      Thank you David, I spoke to the dealer just before they closed last night. They have a new one at another branch which they are having delivered this morning to use for spare parts rather than order the parts which will take days. Ìf they're not satisfied with the fix they will give me the new one. All in all I think I'm being looked after pretty well.

      • Hello Jim, personally, and having worked for two dealers in the past who have done similar tricks, if the dealer is using a machine from another depot for parts and gaskets I'd be looking for a new dealer. 

        Leadtime for spares for genuine franchised dealers isn't days and in truth it should be on the shelf. 

        • PRO

          Thanks for the advice Johnathan, I did question them about using parts from another machine but it was definitely the quickest way to do it, the parts would have to have come direct from Honda and they do take a while. Earnest Doe and son are a pretty big dealer in East Anglia so if they don't have a crank breather gasket and new cover on the shelf I doubt anyone around here would. 

          All in all they got the machine back to me in less than 24 hours and if there are any further problems they have agreed to replace the machine without question. I'm happy with that.

  • PRO

    Jim, that all sounds very fair & a good result.

This reply was deleted.

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