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Mitox machines

Hello everybody I'm looking to diversify my garden metal work business to incorporate garden maintenance I currently use husqvarna for my saw and brush cutter use. However I have also got a mitox brush cutter that was gifted to me as a back up and to be honest it's never really been a bother except for a fuel line that split. Through my local dealer i have just purchased a 28mt select multi tool and a cs410x premium chainsaw and a 260bx premium blower..I'm aware that these machines are 40:1 mix as opposed to my huskys 50:1. So along with the whole ethanol situation what fuel and additives would you guys recommend ie b3c ethanol shield... Does it work or use the aspen 2t pre mixed ethanol free fuel obviously costly. Also do you guys think I'm mad at looking to move into garden maintenance and any pointers etc etc. I grew up doing chainsaw work and strimming and conservation management on the farm and mowing the lawns for the boss and the local church plus general weeding and tidying. Never thought of going down this route originally as I wasn't sure if it would be a viable job something I fancied doing originally but I went on to do an apprenticeship in welding and fabrication... Then along comes family and many years spent in a factory. Got into decorative garden metal work. I'm now 40 and wondering if I'm mad. But I'll be happy and I work hard and having grown up outdoors I love it. So I'll leave you guys to answer the mitox questions and my proposed career change and any pointers.

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    Hi John 

    Great post , I did a career change aged 39 , I went into gardening from a metal working background , There is a wealth of business advice and inspiration in the bog which i found of great benefit accessed by becoming a premium member . Also Phil Voices download book setting up as a landscape gardener is a very digestible and valuable guide .    Sorry i cannot advise of the mitox fuel mix question and others are more knowledgable regarding the advantages of using aspen , Have you tried the search bar in the top right hand corner . 

  • I think you're mad. I'm a skilled welder and as a sole trader there is probably double the profit in welding and fabricating than gardening.

    But at the end fo the day it's about what you enjoy, which is why I don't work in London.

    • You are right about the profit in welding and fabrication. I have not completely left welding as I do also work on heavy forestry kit with a genny welder as well as the decorative garden stuff. But for me i just love working outdoors and am at my happiest working in a garden or meadow or in the countryside in general. After all I'm a countryside kid born and raised. Not getting any younger and I get real satisfaction from gardening and garden maintenance and how everything changes throughout the seasons 

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    I use normal super unleaded fuel with fully synthetic two stroke oil either husqvarna or stihl ( about £25 a bottle) I borrowed a Stihl chainsaw last week which had the cheap red oil in. When it ran out I filled it with my mix and the difference in power and reduction in noise was Very dramatic

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