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Mares/horse tail

Hi everyone. 

I know this has been brought up before but I have almost given up. Mares tail is rife in some of the gardens I have and in my local area in general and is getting worse. 

I have used kurtail and kurtail gold (from progreen) for the last 3 or 4 years, to no avail, I have tried in different gardens at different times, bruising it before spraying, strimming it after it goes black then spraying new growth etc, etc.

After e mailing progreen before buying my lost lot I was told I need to persevere for 3 or 4 years the stuff goes black on the outside very quickly but is still fine inside. 

Any help or recommendations as my customers think I am stupid and I cannot charge them for something that doesn't work. 

It's probably killing me quicker than the mares tail. 

I know about the silica etc and am giving up


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  • PRO

    I think you have to simply set clear expectations - a bit like JKW. However, I would check your water hardness being used in the tank mix. I know it has a big bearing on it's ability to work. You can get an additive to help. We use Gold as well and we can see it affecting the marestail and accept it's a battle of attrition.

    I was out earlier to look at an outbreak on a new development were they have 'spread' it further and we have at least a2 year plan to deal with for the Developer3106206334?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • I have researched this till the cows come home and tried allsorts, Where we live it is softwater and I have tried thre recommended additive to no avail, The stuff looks like it has worked but then it just comes back stronger and just laughs at me. The main active chemical is now banned and progreen re wanting me to spend more money on another product which probably  does not work. As progreen are advertisers here maybe we could hear some feedback from them as to why I seem to be wasting nearly 50 quid every year with the delivery charge.

      • PRO

        We’ve had ‘success’ using the same product so not sure you can lay the blame there. So, could the issue be closer to home ?

        Are able to have someone cross check your mix ratio ? Are you spraying or drenching ? What nozzle ? Where are you keeping the core pesticide ?

        New formulations appear as older products get withdrawn or not re-approved.

        May be you just withdraw your offering then ?

        • I am spraying when dull but dry weather ,mix to the right ratio, store in a dark garage/lock up, dont spray until run off, I have tried different nozzles, any advice is greatly appreciated but to my knowledge I am doing everything by the book.

          In the north east we have the old story of miners finding root in the pits.(slight exaggaration) but I know how deep it can go and explain this, but some customers dont realise how resistant to chemicals etc it is,even though it dates back to prehistoric times

  • PRO

    I have used the Agrigem Diamond to good effect but it's the same active ingredients and strength as the kurtail but I use it with an adjuvant. It still comes back but with less growth and vigor so I hope I'm winning slowly. It's a war of attrition with a cost to the customer but if they want it gone I don't see another way.

    • Mine comes back with moer vigour and has moved another few feet further, It used to just be between hard landscaping but is now in lawns and boders badly.

      I have one customer (also a good friend) who is gradually getting closed in on either side by this beast. She says she will never forgive me (jokingly I hope) if it reaches her lovely garden. 

      I have told her to start looking for a new house

  • PRO

    I have had good success with kurtail and Pearl but I do tell customers its control only and can take lots if applications.

    I'm curious what folks charge for treating horsetail as I posted the other day that my prices start at around £35.00

    • I cannot get away with that up here depending on the size of the outbreak, For regulars I normally do it as a freebie (part of the service) and take a hit. ( probably a good job as when it comes back they might want a refund).

      Some customers have researched it and just put up with it, others let me persevere and the odd one or two probably dont believe me but considering I dont charge they cannot complain.

      An absolute nightmare that council recycled compost from brown (garden) bins can only be making worse, I know lots of people who dig it/pull it and put it in there.

  • I have some along my fence line at home. I haven't been treating it as such, just giving it a spray when I have some mixture left in the tank. Glyphosate with mixture b certainly knocks it back. It reappears the following season, but it is gradually getting less and less. I think an adjuvant like mixture b or progreens validate is essential though to help the chemical stick to the very fine fronds. 

    • I may try the mixture b thanks as havent came across this before and will tryit with the remnants of my kurtail gold and also a glyphosate one to see if there is any difference.seems it only comes in 5 litres though.

This reply was deleted.

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