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Makita Backpack Blower

Has anyone else got one of these, a Makita EB5300 backpack blower.

I went for this over a Stihl last November as it was much lighter & seemed at the time to be better value.

It had about 2 months use (not doing much Jan/Feb) & packed up 6 weeks ago. The dealer said they could not find a fault as such but were going to try tuning it....... the only thing is, it's a 'special' tuning screwdriver which only Makita have & costs about £40. Apprarantly Makita have not sent this tool out.

Every week I have been on at them asking for my machine, even resorting to phoning the Makita rep who talked me into buying it at the Arb show last summer, Dan. His respone was ' I don't deal with end user's, you have had the machine for four months. Take it up with the dealer'

I gave the dealer one weeks notice last Friday that if it was not repaired I wanted my money back under warranty. Surprisingly when I rang yesterday the rep had 'just delivered' personally the tool & they would look at the machine today. Today comes, I ring again & it turns out it's the wrong tool.

The manager now knows what I think of him & has also lost a sale on a new strimmer (see another post) as well as having to refund me for the blower.

I don't seem to be having much luck with machinery atm but has anyone else found this out about the Makita?

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  • Hi Neil,

    It's under warranty no,1 year??? Drop if off to whom you bought it off with a note saying ' fix it'!!!



    • ......... that won't do much good....... they can't get the tool! I'm sure any decent resourceful dealer could make some sort of tool that would do the job...... I've done it myself many times for cars, bikes, equipment.    Stick with Stihl in the future............... loads of dealers, no problem with spares and repairs. Might cost a bit more but as they say, you get what you pay for.


  • Paul, that's where it is & as you say it's under warranty. I have been waiting 5 weeks for them to fix it.

    Graham yes your right maybe they could of made something, but now my patience has run out so will be their loss. As in other sales as well, like the strimmer!

    I am no mechanic & have no interest in engines of any sort so wouldn't know where to start myself on repairs etc & if I cost in my time it works out cheaper to get things repaired by a professional.... If only they could/would do the job!!

    • PRO

      Hi Neil, I have the Makita EB7660TH back pack blower, the hand held blower and their combi system. The kit is coming upto a year old now but I have had to send all of these back for a fix at some point. The backpack blower had an oil leak, handblower had a fault with something in the motor and the combi engine leaked fuel all over the place from a badly designed cap, pole pruner attachment got sent for repair too as bolt threaded under very light use.

      Now Makita were very good at having these fixed. I didn't go back to the the dealer just straight to Makita who arranged collection and returned the items all within 10 days max without any expense to myself and I can't fault them for that service.

      The tools work well and have a lot of power compared to the Stihl equivalent which also have their issues like every bit of equipment. It's just shame that I've had that many issues my kit and I now wouldn't buy their garden power tools again, which is frustrating as I am hoping to add some cordless tools to my kit and their cordless combi unit fits all of my attachments.

  • I have marital gear and am not sure how long the warranty is, it could possibly be 3 months commercially. I have had my own problems with makits and as a result an in the process of changing all strimmers and hedge trimmers.

    i bought a Maoist 4 stroke blower second hand and got 5 good years out of it before it packed in. But replaced with another brand due to the sheer price of a new one and they do seem susceptible to packing in. Hope you get sorted 

  • PRO

    Is this one of the old Sachs Dolmar machines in a different colour and with a different name on it?


    Dolmar PB-7602.4 75.6cc 4-Cycle Back Pack Leaf Blower
    Buy Dolmar PB-7602.4 Direct. Free Shipping. Check the Dolmar 75.6cc 4-Cycle Back Pack Leaf Blower ratings before checking out.
This reply was deleted.

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