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Lawnflite 448SJR

Evening all.

Anybody have any experience with this particular Subaru powered Lawnflite? Can't find any previous discussion on it.

I'm looking for a good quality 19" fan assisted mower that I can fit a high lift blade to. Not owned a Lawnflite before, but do remember in the past hearing about their gearboxes or their drive breaking after a relatively short time and they only have a 12 month warranty.

Can pick one of these up for just under £900.

Or any other suggestions? I don't want another Weibang as had one for 2.5 years and got tired of the weight at around 65Kg wheras this is closer to 50Kg. Also this price of around £900 is really the max that i'd like to spend.

Best wishes to all.

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  • PRO

    We paid around £600  (thought the price was excellent and worth a punt) for ours (19" Lawnflite with Subaru Engine) and it lasted around a season. Difficult to start with the autochoke and the drive was incredibly slow. We have now reverted back to Etesia Pro46's and Honda Pro's (21").

    • Thanks for that Nick. That's the second bad report i've had about them so likely to give it a miss. Thanks.

  • I had a Kaaz 21" roller. I got a hi lift from L&S for it, and collection was superb... had two of these machines over 4-5 years. BUT I wouldn't buy another. Drive/shaft/gearbox problems cost a fortune, after just a year they started. 

    I agree, the Weibang roller is not only a bit heavier, it is weighted far more heavily towards the rear and lifting the hendles to get the mower over bumps, over stops in the van onto ramps etc, is a LOT harder than the Kaaz was. Takes it's toll on the back after 12-15 lawns in a day.

    There's no great roller mower out there just now. My plan may have to be budget for 1 year from a mower and just whack it on gumtree for whatever you can make back. No servicing costs that way and a new mower each spring. Even if it's a slightly lower budget and less pro mower, it should be alright. 

    Using a Weibang for 3 years and a £200 service every year would cost £600/year for the machine life anyway, 

  • I've got the older model with kawasaki engine, bought 2nd hand. Been very pleased, decent collection and once sped up a decent speed for me. Nothing like a sped up 21" honda hrd though. 

    A customer has a brand new wheeled version with suburu engine. Wouldn't have said difficult to start but does take a few pulls and feels 'lumpy' to begin with. Just something different to get used to. Yes slow but very easy to speed up the engine to a decent speed, and in my opinion fantastic collection even in longish wet grass.

    I do whole garden management, not just lawn care so not as heavy a user as some so wasn't too fussed about the gearbox concerns. 

    For an alternative been hearing good things about the stiga / Mountfield higher end machines. Not seen one in the flesh though. 

  • PRO

    PGM  I know an old thread but did you get one with the Subaru engine in the end? Wondered how you got on as my local dealer has one for sale and I need a new mower 

    • No sorry, didn't get one. In the end we went for a Hayter 41pro and then a STihl 545VR for the wet.

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