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Lawn edging shears

Use a strimmer to cut lawn edges on most sites but have a few where edging shears are needed. Any recommendations? The Burgon and Ball ones seem to have good reviews and have long handles so you are not bending (important) but are around £48 which seems alot.

Any suggestions?

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  • I was going to recommend the ck legend shears until I got to your last sentence!

    I also get on well with the bacho shears, orange handled ones, but they haven't got the longest of handles

    • PRO

      I use bulldog which I have found to be reliable the cutting blades are sharp and retain their tension I know with some brands the blades work loose which can be frustrating when they start clamping the grass .

      Turning to burgon and ball I have always found their products to be top quality and durable .

      I bought a pair of their loppers 10 years ago and they have done a lot of work and not lost their integrity in any way , I have rarely sharpened the blades , telescopic handles still work as they did from new and even the foam cushioned handles are still intact and stayed in place .

  • A few years ago I needed some new edging shears and went to a local garden centre which had five different makes to choose from. I went for Burgeon and Ball as they had the longest handles, weren't too heavy and just felt like the best of the bunch. 
    They stay sharp for a good while before needing a touch up and are a pleasure to use which is important for any hand tool. They are always put back in the van clean and dry and will easily last me to the end of my gardening days.

    Two customers have bought themselves a pair after using mine and finding them so much better than whatever they had.


  • The Darlac telescopic shears are brilliant!

    • Sean, yes looked at these - it's a difficult decision between the Darlac telescopic and the Burgon &Ball.

      I know Gardeners world rate the Darlac the best not much in it price wise but we always buy on quality anyway. It's a shame everything has gone online, with hand tools always like to get a feel of them before deciding , feel there's a market for a national chain to stock quality hand tools but suppose Joe public only wants to buy Chinese junk on price from B&Q etc.

      Appreciate your reply, any more info welcome, thanks.

  • PRO

    i have used the same bulldgog premier edging shears for years. I think they were a bit longer than the standard ones

    Bulldog Edging Shears Edging Shears 7116770000 Premier | eBay

    Spare parts such as the locking nut kit adjustment and sprung washer were available when needed which was good. The shears lasting a long time where as the plastic adjustment knob can get knocked onto edging stones or whacked when stored in the van si have replaced a couple of times

    Saved me buying new shears


    Bulldog Cutting Tool Repair Kit for 7117770000 & 7116770000 - B...



    Bulldog Edging Shears Edging Shears 7116770000 Premier | eBay
    Nibbler/ Shears. Bulldog Garden Products. Other`s have warranty agents throughout the country, which you will be able to drop them into. Faulty goods…
  • spear & jackson 4870RS i use currently £22 on amazon. Also there was some kind of glitch awhile ago got a set of Bahco ones from amazon warehouse, P75 model ..... £2.14

    • PRO

      Darlac tools are superb and nice to use they seem to put a lot of thought into how tactile they are in the hand .

      Blade quality is good I have hedging shears ,snips,and pruning saws , my Darlac secateurs are over ten years old .

      I wanted a pair of the Darlac edging shears but the local stockist sells them at premium price they were around £44 but a local nursery was selling bulldog at £29.99 .

      They were to replace a pair of spear and Jackson which were great when sharp but had to be re sharpened constantly in use , the problem with edging shears is the blades dull and become blunt when they come into contact with soil and stones along the edges of borders  

      Not sure if blade steel is drop forged anymore I suspect it's pressed and Lazer cut .

      Look at old edging shears at car boots and the blade quality looks like it will last a lifetime .

  • I've been using the same pair of Bulldog shears for some 18 years!  Sharpen them regularly and might have to replace them soon as I've ground so much metal off them after all these years. 

  • Tried a Darlac pair, contrary to others who rate them thought they were a bit flimsy? Hoping to find a retailer with the CK telescopic in stock, like to try hand tools rather than buying online. If anyone has used the CK telescopic be grateful for their thoughts.

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