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Large mower / rough cut

Hi all,

I have an area of land that I cut every 2 weeks.  It's quite rough work and is more of a field than anything else.  

I'm currently cutting it with a weibang virtue and using the side discharge setting.  

That was fine at first but now I am being asked by other home owners on the same site to cut their part of the field so now I'm cutting about an acre with a domestic machine.  

Wondering what's best to do.  Go for a commercial walk behind mower ?   Current machine is 19 inch cut.  

I'm doing it and it's working fine but thinking that it's not very efficient when it's a fixed price agreement.

What are anyone's thoughts? 

Thanks - Tommy 

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  • Toro Turfmaster  30' cut and side shute

  • sounds like you want somthing like a scag mower 

    • The price of the scag is killer right ha ha 

  • PRO

    Would second something like a Scag or Ransomes Bobcat. Got a 36" one that gets used round factories, field margins etc. Its a hydro drive with a rear discharge deck home converted to a mulch deck, an asolute brute to operate until you learn to guide it, not fight it. Good used one will run you at around £1500 upwards - just be aware being what they are many have been with contractors from day one and are 'well worn' to say the least.

    • PRO

      Something like his might do? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/133900782789?hash=item1f2d1bccc5:g:coEAA...

      Ariens WAW 1034 Electric Start Rough cut Zero Turn Mower Scag Ferris Bobcat | eBay
      Ariens WAW34 Electric Start. Great mower ,fitted with mulching kit. Gearbox sound a bit louder than it should be goes forward and backwards fine and…
      • PRO

        Will investing in a bigger mower be a viable option Tommy ? 

        If you can use the machine on other jobs perhaps , if it will only be used on this job ? 

        Obviously the finish must already be acceptable as you are gaining more work using your existing mower . 

        Or it could be your price is much cheaper than a previous contractor who was using a bigger machine . 

        • I have some others I could use it on but not many.  The scag and ransoms stuff is too expensive to warrant buying.  Maybe just stick with what's working for now but thought it was worth asking.  Knowledge is power 

          • PRO

            Agree I was in a similar position cutting some rough grass and decided to bring my old Toro recycler out of retirement 21 inch , rusting deck , i thought use it for as long as possible as it just wasn't viable buying a new mower . 

            Its still doing a good job Six months down the line and i am in quids in . I would have spent more on a new machine than i have earned to date and no complaints from the customer . 

          • PRO

            All depends on your viewpoint - you mention it is a 'fixed price agreement' - without knowing your details, would say machines like Scags etc generally get charged out at around £40-£50 per hr and on regular cutting will flatten an acre very quickly if you know how to set them up correctly. If you cut on fixed price and can charge each householder £20 if theres say 5 of them, thats £100 per hr or more.... If you can get the maths to work the larger machinery can pay for themselves very, very quickly.... 

            • PRO

              Excellent approach Adam if you have the work i would go down that route . 

              In my example i dont do enough rough grass cutting to justify buying a bigger mower , over the 6 months have earned approx £600 from this job using this old mower but if more rough grass cutting jobs turn up i would go for the bigger mower for sure . 

              I remember a mate of mine buying a tractor and flail on the strength of one opportunity when he first started up , he admitted it was an impulse buy and biggest lesson as it took him Three years to make a profit from the purchase as he also had to buy a big trailer to transport it . 

              Its always a difficult spot to find yourself in will enough opportunity present itself to justify a purchase or upgrade .


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