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Ever since the start of the Landscape Juice Network I have had visions of forming an exhibition with a difference: a place where industry professionals and suppliers can demonstrate their skills and their products in front of a large audience - run by the trade, for the trade.

I have also harboured an ambition to create an event that crosses the divide between the trade and the consumer.

Chelsea, Hampton Court and other regional shows already provide the glitz and glam and they are special occasions in their own right and I would not anticipate trying to compete.

I have also gleaned an awful lot from my research into Glee and I have closely observed other industry events as well as taken on board how Garden Expo failed to realise enough support as their inaugural show was cancelled.

About six months ago, I employed an events company to conduct an assessment and feasibility exercise to ascertain if we have the strength in Landscape Juice to stage an event with a difference.

It's not anywhere near a done deal and considering the economic climate I would only go ahead if I was completely satisfied if the event could attract the right amount of visitors but I feel it is the right time to throw this open for debate.

I have already run this passed several leading companies who have greeted the idea positively.

Can I have your thoughts?

The following companies have expressed their interest thus far:

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  • sound interesting - so would it be like a 'behind the scenes' garden show?

    would it be like ecobuild ?
  • PRO
    Hi Felicity

    I have no real pre-conceived notions...it's important that if we go ahead and do something like this, it's in a format that is developed by the people and businesses who participate.
  • Coming from a forestry background, the forestry shows were all encompassing with the quangos,trade et al however forestry was not an appealing industry to the general public but every show was good. It is clearly time for an encompassing show in the UK for the landscaping industry at large. The existing tend to fall into very distinct camps: for the trade, for the elite and for the gardeners QT audience. What is really needed is a show which local authorities could have a role and therefore be educated themselves also into the rights and wrongs of the industry as well as appealing to all. Considering the diversity of the LJN membership every angle of the modern industry can be displayed and would appeal to every sector.
  • PRO
    This sound like a good idea, I must admit my questions go the same as Karls. I guess it needs to be a cross between Saltex, the RHS shows and maybe a competiton between different landscapers to build gardens from a specifyed plan, with awards.
  • PRO
    Hi Karl/Kieran

    Thanks for your questions and I have to admit...I don't have all the answers and that's the reason for this thread.

    I quite like the idea of day one being for trade with a second day open to the public but I realise that there might be issues because some suppliers don't sell directly to the public.

    Let's turn this back around and get some ideas thrown into the ring.
  • Hi Phil

    I have some reservations re. general public and suspect that it would be difficult to compete with the RHS shows.

    I'll chip in a few ideas once I see a direction forming rather than try to influence matters towards my preferred type of exhibition. In the meantime
  • PRO
    Hi Rich

    I agree...I don't think we could (or would want) to try and compete with the RHS (see original post).

    I am think along the lines of some way of educating the consumer about landscaping and gardening but at the same time, provide B2B opportunities too.

    "I'll chip in a few ideas once I see a direction forming rather than try to influence matters towards my preferred type of exhibition."

    Please don't wait, it's your opinions that will influence direction in the first instance ;-0)


  • PRO Supplier
    This sounds like a good idea, it is a job to know where to start, with something like this. Perhaps some of the larger companies would be able to sponsor an event like this. At least you have made a start Philip, by opening up, on the forum.
  • Hi Phil

    If you were to proceed with this idea I have a little sub-theme suggestion - I see quite a few architects and furniture designers redesigning ways to incorporate plants into furniture - it would be great to bring all these pieces together - many are only conceptual, some have prototypes and other are selling - maybe too niche?
  • Hi, this is Claire here, Matt's wife and sometime business-decision-sharer...

    Phil, I think this is a great move. I can't help thinking that what isn't covered by current shows as mentioned above is something targeted at landscapers themselves. Whether this should form the basis of the whole event, i'm not sure, but I *do* think it would be great to have an event where landscapers can meet, share ideas, look at what others are doing, meet new suppliers, meet new designers and generally network face-to-face. Like a real-life version of LJN!

    I could envisage a series of seminars and workshops about various landscaping-related topics being really well attended. Big corporates could sponsor a seminar and tell us about their latest offerings, or Marshall's (just as an example) could lead a debate on improving sustainability across the sector. This would provide some cash injection into the event and hopefully would keep attendance costs to a minimum (to attract the max no. of people).

    I think this sort of thing - a bit like ecobuild I guess - would be attractive to the trade but also to interested public too. It wouldn't, however, be primarily focussed at the public. E.g. I agree with others above that a new RHS style show wouldn't be the way to go.

    Interesting discussions, looking forward to seeing others' comments.

This reply was deleted.

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