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Honda HRX question

Hi all


I'm looking at getting a Honda HRX but don't know which one to get, either the HY or the VY. Anyone with opinions of one or both would be great to hear your thoughts.



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  • We run 537 hrx,s hy , fantastic mower got 3 coming up to 3 years old and been used hard. Without doubt the HY , more controllable with a fixed handle to set forward speed which is easily altered on the move. We tried the VY but although the theory of the squeeze control on the handle maybe a good one in practice it's difficult to maintain a consistent forward speed due to uneven surfaces causing the handle to jolt and altering the speed along with having to have two hands on the handle, we just found it uncomfortable. Get the HY.

  • PRO


    Ideally looking for something that mulches well with the option of collection.  There was talk on here recently about the HRX being a great mulcher so wanted to know which on to get. Thanks guys

    • Does both well, you won't be disappointed 

    • James, top tip ! Run the back wheels one notch higher than the front regardless of mulching or collecting we leave the back wheels on ours set on notch 3 permanently  and alternate the front on notch two or one and a half depending on the job

      • PRO

        Thanks Peter 

        May I ask why you do this?

        • James, it collects and mulches better as it keeps some air under the deck so when mulching the clippings are dissipated better and when collecting helps with the air flow into the bag. On all mowers it's only the front of the blade that cuts. We have tried all settings and it's undoubtedly the best. 

          • PRO

            Thanks Peter. That makes sense.

            I shall be getting one this week hopefully 

  • Just on a side note regarding the Hrx537, anyone know the best way to correct the front wheels splaying (not pointing straight) when the mower gets to 3 or 4 years old ?

    • PRO

      Is it not just a case of taking the wheels off and bending the wheel washers again? They come with a slight bend in them to keep the tension but can get squashed flat after a while 

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