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  • Careful Jes, someone will be along soon to demand you list your qualifications for spraying because as we all know, these people are the arbiters of all rules and laws and as such we should always answer to them.

    I would have thought that ‘weed killing’ would be the phrase to use. Or maybe ‘weed killer application’. It is a tricky one isn’t it. Maybe ‘Herbicide application’.

    • I know the current system is a bit of a joke,but do you not think we should have rules and regulations around the use of something as potentially damaging to health and environment as herbicides and pesticides?

      I wouldn't want a plumber fiddling with my gas or sparky with my electrics unless they were properly qualified, what's wrong with the same for our industry?

      You keep banging on about making sure we value our work and charge appropriately, then surely the proper qualifications and standards are part of that.

      Some 'gardeners', often through no fault of their own don't even know what some of the legal requirements are. This is a forum for horticultural based professionals, what's wrong with the legal requirements being highlighted? I don't think Adam was being unfair or heavy handed in the other thread. 

      • I think you have missed the point. Of course we should have high standards and at least some regulations, but I get sick and tired of some who automatically challenge anyone who asks any question about spraying, asking about their qualifications. It’s patronising. It makes the assumption that they are the only ones in the know. They are the arbiters of knowledge who just love to question people. We are not answerable to other forum members about anything. We are not obliged to list our qualifications to random gardeners who are unknown to us.

        But, qualifications have nothing to do with knowledge, professionalism and high standards. I have never been on a course to ‘learn’ how to mow grass. I have 36 years of experience instead. Courses and tickets are no guarantee of being any good.

        • It's a bit different though isn't it. You cut a lawn wrong it will grow back, you introduce herbicides/pesticides/fertiliser into a water course you cause problems for years to come. The environment can't afford for us to learn from past mistakes in that instance, therefore we need to be 'taught' these potential hazards. I'm certainly not saying everyone follows any training though unfortunately. 

  • PRO

    I have done the PA1 and PA6, the rules are very tight over here. There are a lot of streams over here and that is where our water comes from. The list of approved chemicals is shorter, and you need to register with the supplier. When I contacted a supplier in the UK and asked if they needed to see my licence they weren't bothered about it. From what I have seen on here people don't bother about training or working out the correct dosage.

    • Where are you Jes, that seems to be a good system needing to register with a supplier. 

  • First off you should have the appropriate industry standard qualifications by NPTC or LANTRA plus public liability insurance in place. I would list the products you will be using and for what advantages these have over other products. Maybe use the phrase weed management or reduction as opposed to weed killing? If you are using herbicides or insectides then you must have the correct PPE and equipment to emphasise your professionalism.

    • PRO

      Hi Andrew. Weed management sounds good. I have all the PPE and equipment, will take out a new public liability insurance because the cover amount will be higher than the normal one. Looking to be ready for March.

      • Good luck Jes; hope it goes well.

  • I said it wouldn’t be long Jes didn’t I. They do like to preach don’t they? To virtue signal.

    Why does anyone think that we need to be constantly reminded about the law, as if we don’t know already? And just assume that we must be stupid or ignorant?

    I am surprised that when someone starts a thread asking what van would we recommend, that they don’t tell the poster that they must have a driving licence, VED and insurance. We all assume that that is a given, as we should with this.

    It is perfectly fine to discuss the rules and regulations if that is what the question is about. So if someone is unclear then they can ask and be told. No problem. But why is it always the case that when anyone simply asks what weed killer we might recommend or what wording to sign write the van with regarding spraying, that the immediate response is to question if they are qualified and then to list those qualifications?

    All Jes wanted was to have some wording suggestions, that’s all. Not a lecture on the law. Personally I would assume that if anyone was going to advertise spraying on the side of a van, then they must be qualified. Having said that it’s none of my business anyway. It’s not our job to police anyone.

This reply was deleted.

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