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    I'm sure that Robbie at Premier Lawns has mentioned them in the past in his you tube reviews so he probably has some views......... 

    • thanks Jonathan I already use a couple of heated jackets just wondered if anyone else has experience of any brands, I'm definitely in a tiny minority, I think, as they can be extremely expensive, although I got deals on mine. An item largely considered unnecessary until you tried one, then there is no way back. A bit like families who are perfectly happy without a dishwasher type of scenario

  • Heated jacket!! You need to do a bir more physical work Billybop then you will create your own heat within it ;-)

    • ha ha very true. I must be a bit more frail than you guys. However do we sit in our homes with no heating on? Unless seriously strapped for cash. I like to take my heating out and about with me sometimes. Often start off with the jacket heating on full blast then reduce the setting. Then pull the battery pack out. And maybe end up at T-shirt level if it warms up

  • They are a total game changer. I started off with a Milwaukee heated hoodie. It's good but bulky.  I now use a Milwaukee heated gilet & it's perfect.

    Gardening involves some very active jobs & some where you are standing around.  The gilet means that I am not wearing bulky clothes & with three heat settings, I am always comfortable.

    It's not cheap but will last for years.

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