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Green Waste Charges

Hi All


I've had a look at the forums with regards to charges for removal of green waste, and feel the commercial tipping charge is around £120 per tonne? That's the same as for builders waste that goes to landfill? I assume ours goes in the same landfill hole, but rots quicker?


Recycling, composting, bio-energy etc etc are big news now, the same as fly-tipping. The two are linked due to extortionate charges to tip green waste. I am in the process of setting up a facility to literally recycle green waste at no cost to gardeners. Sounds too good to be true, but I don't want your bank details.... 


If pricing lawn mowing and hedge cutting is strangled by waste removal costs, please respond. It's purely an idea from a frustrated mind, that would never work solo. Embraced by professional gardeners and expanded nationally, solves the issue for potential customers and gardeners alike. I sound like a "snake oil salesman", even to myself, but this is an initiative that will succeed by group collaboration, and not me alone.


Must be worth a response?



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  • first only about 10% of builders waste goes to landfill and the last i herd the land fill tax was £150 per tone plus tipping charges 

    to the green waste you will have to be approved and licened from the EVA and there will be restrictions on how mutch you can take in and sell out also the cost of the equipment to prosess the waste 

    i do not know what facility you have/have in mind to make enough proffit so you can offer free tipping a bit more info will be usefull so this site can help you more 

    • Hi David, thanks for the response. £150 per tonne plus charges is my experience.


      My "idea" is ridiculously simple. I'm not offering a free service, by any means. We are losing work because we can't remove waste. I am stating as an absolute fact TWO solutions are there, and potential customers that baulk at waste charges are key to recycling, and opening markets to gardeners. 


      The reason for my "secrecy" is that hard working professional gardeners deserve the break. The only way I could ever profit, is through a "gofundme" page you contribute to by way of thanks. That will never happen.


      I'm 54 years old and joined the forum last week to find tipping fees are extortionate. Fees to tip green waste? Companies compost it and sell it? That;s mad. 

      If I get a group of people that can do the same thing at the same time, it works. If not, I tried?


      I think it works. Your choice to embrace it? I guess it's the same old thing, "If it looks too good to e true, it must be?" 


      20 past midnight, i doubt I have a motive?




      • PRO

        Charges to tip do vary which offers some reassurance with quotes to tip green waste £40 per tonne which is recycled and the mulch is given away free . 

        If you are losing work due to having to charge to take the waste away try to educate your potential clients . 

        A simple formula to point this out on any quote , offer a choice . point out the facts and  highlight the options .

        Waste removal by yourself  £40  or whatever is a fair price ,  Skip hire £150     Hippo Collection £130    or customer can take to local authority tip for free themselves or simply include the waste charge in the price for the job and don't itemise it as a seperate charge but issue a waste trannsfer note if its appropriate . 

        I feel we have to spell it out and educate the customer , now is a good time with the green revolution although from many customers point of view they will see it as an extra tax but why should the responsible contractor absorb these costs . 


      • Hi Dixie, on the face of it yes it does seem mad to pay for green waste tipping then buy compost back. But, the yard where I tip - there is a very big yard, two 24 ton excavators, mulcher, sieve, telescopic handler, a couple of staff etc etc. All needs paying for. It's a professional service, the same as I hope I'm providing. That's why it's expensive. I don't think selling on compost alone pays for that. 

        • PRO

          I agree. Most green waste shouldn't be going to landfill and most savy gardeners are getting rid of their waste for 20 to 40 per van load which is hardly expensive. Customers are paying for the job including waste removal so don't know the costs and I've never had a problem getting work due to waste costs. If people are that bothered about paying for waste they can take it to the dump themselves for free. 

          • PRO

            No green waste should be going to land fill if processed by an EA registered site.  It should be segregated & recycled and therefore no land fill tax should be paid. 

            In the South, Sita/Suez charge £160 per tonne for mixed waste which will go to landfill and generally not allow if  mixed with green. Green waste gets charged at £60 per tonne.

            Outside of this there are a number of dedicated green waste recycling centres that charge by volume and work out £30-50 per tonne. Most then will offset the processing cost by selling a range of recycled products back to the industry.

            To set up, You’ll need at least suitable EA Waste broker or processor licenses, bunded concrete pad, ability to deal with run off effluent / nitrate and finally full LA planning permission ( there are some quite specific location rules ). 

  • In Washington, Sunderland we have two places to tip green waste, £20 per trailer, even collected its only £75 a trailer and they chop it up ! 

    Both these places also recycle the waste, so i assume they compost it. Good luck finding somewhere cheaper.

    Don't do it for free in my opion, I gladly pay £20.

  • PRO

    Dixie mentions green waste going to landfill... well, have a look at this, this may be the tip they are mentioning:

    Its in st albans, and I just can't believe they are lumping green waste in with "non-recyclable" waste. And, no customer of mine would ever pay those prices for waste removal. Let alone with my time on top of it. Its a disgrace.

    If anyone knows of somewhere better for hertfordshire I'll take it.
  •  Have you room for an 1100L bin?  The Council could empty it for £20.00 or so.

    Commercial Waste and Recycling Services | North Hertfordshire District Council
  • PRO

    Interesting subject. Is Dixie still around?

This reply was deleted.

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