Anyone planning to chop down trees or even cut up logs with a chainsaw could need a licence and possible special training after new regulations were introduced for forestry and other workers.

At the beginning of this year a man died from neck wounds after trying to prune a tree with a chainsaw and there are 300 serious chainsaw accidents a year in France – with one of three of them involving serious leg injury.

The regulation incites companies and workers to learn proper safety procedures in chainsaw use and get a licence as is already the case in Belgium, Italy and Luxembourg. Companies in many other countries including the UK ban chainsaw work unless the worker has done training.

Brought into law on December 5, the law encourages training in one of the 11 certified training centres in France and a day of training will average about €200.


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    Presumably the UK City and Guilds NPTC are pan European qualifications, what about the qualifications from other UK training and assessment organisations?

    Our organisation
    EFESC is based on a membership where leading actors in forestry and environmental work both as training providers and applicants of the skills have
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    It makes me cringe when I see untrained people using them. There should be some form training for all users. I would say 95% of the time I see them being used the chain is a blunt as a badgers wotsit and excess force is used to try and make it cut many times above the shoulder just waiting to kick back.
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      We had a customer ask us if the chain on his electric saw was was as blunt as they come and I suggested he got it sharpened...

      he didn't want to and ordered a new chain off the internet...

      Next visit he said the new chain was even worse than the old one - he had fitted it backwards!

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      Luckily we don’t yet live in a police state!
      Home use is no one but the home owners business,
      For work I agree.
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    If someone moves from the UK to say France or Spain to establish a garden and grounds maintenance business,what levels of training and qualifications are required?

    Are all UK training certificates recognised across all European countries?

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      Common sense would say that uk certs will be ok, at least for the time being as all should be up to EU standards
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      I had a job convincing Belgian  authorities that my pA1 and pA6 spraying qualifications, obtained in Britian, were valid.It At first they refused to recognise any of my qualifications inculding my RHS certs stating that they would only accept Belgian university degrees or their Dutch equivalent .I was staring at quiet an expensieve retraining of up to 60hours of my time.The authorties here have recently introduced professional licensing for pesticide applications .Plus in that period I wasnt allowed to buy from professional sellers, only from public orientated shops at public rates. That cost me big time this year with the buxus epidemic .In the end I appealed to them to see common sense. And in fairness a review panel sanctioned my licence , after over a year, My age and experience probably tipped it my way. I imagine with brexit it will only get worse..

      • PRO
        That’s rubbish. What a waste of everyone’s time!
        Glad they saw sense in the end
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