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**Posted with admin (Henry’s) permission - Thank you, Henry.**



I am selling a custom chipper and trailer set-up. Ideal for small/one person landscaping/gardening. The narrow access means it can pass through most side/garden gates and you can chip directly back in-situ if the customer wants to keep the chip. 

Prior to this I had a Greenmech CS100 - which is an identical machine (literally – Peruzzo actually made the CS100 in Italy for Greenmech), but not on tracks. This TB100C machine was a business/life/game and back saver(!) for me. 

I bought this just before covid for my part time domestic tree/gardening business which I ran with my son. He’s now off at university, and I’m retiring from tree work. It has had very little use and is in perfect working order. You could literally drive away with this and be doing a conifer clearance single-handed within minutes.


Chipper : PERUZZO TB 100

  • LOW HOURS : 40.1 hours from new. Fully serviced.
  • 10 cm chipping diameter, 2 hardened reversible chipping blades.
  • Infeed chute with drum design to pull material into the chipper.
  • Chipper driven by a 18 hp 12v battery electric key start Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 4 Stroke engine, with pull cord back-up.
  • Direction adjustable detachable discharge chute.
  • Chipper drum driven by twin drive belts with a centrifugal clutch to protect the engine from stress.
  • This is a very powerful machine, if you forget to aim the output chute at your trailer, expect to be sweeping up chip from 30 feet away!
  • Mounted on a highly manoeuvrable and steerable, self-propelled narrow tracked base 64 cm wide for easy loading/unloading and moving over rough ground (your back will thank you).
  • 3 belt driven forward gears and one reverse gear – no hydraulics to go wrong.
  • Tracked base is powered by a separate Briggs and Stratton 4 stroke pull start engine and gearbox.
  • The main chipper unit is detachable from the main tracked part of the unit by four bolts. A Tipper body unit (**NOT INCLUDED**) with/without a hydraulic ram is available from the UK importers, and can carry up to 350 kg.
  • The blades are easily changed – NOT by removing the output chute and sticking your hands into the drum housing(!!) – instead the whole drum assembly easily slides out (I will explain to the buyer how this works).
  • Comes with blade set up shims, spacers, and a large bag of new blade bolts.


Trailer : Bateson 8’ x 5′, 2 Ton GAW Galvanised Twin Axle Hydraulic Tipping Trailer (1.65 ton capacity with plate floor, drop and cage sides in place).


  • Specifically bought and modified to carry and work with this chipper.
  • Low mileage – all local work 1000 to 1500 lifetime miles max as evidence by original tyres.
  • Braked trailer - serviced regularly. Brakes in perfect working order, including cam-over function.
  • Removable swing mesh sides and rear mesh gates, removable rear cross bar and rear corner uprights, turning it into any combination you like of a drop side/swing gate/flat-bed trailer.
  • Comes with loading ramps and spare wheel (never used).
  • Checker plate base with tie down points.
  • Sealed wheel bearings, lubricated for life.
  • Manual hydraulic pump leaves very little to go wrong, and can raise the body to full height in 30 seconds.
  • Tipper body has a hinged support brace for safe working underneath.
  • Never been stored outside – always in a garage.


The heavy duty waterproof cover is custom built by Stuart Canvas – designed so that when chipping into the trailer, just leave the cover in place, roll up the rear flap, open one of the rear swing gates and direct the output chute into the trailer. You can fill it to the brim without any without any significant spillage.  


Trailer Dimensions (mm approximate) 

External : Overall length  3680        Width 1480             Height   1600                           


Internal : Bed length  2430              Width 1370           Bed Height 5500

Chipper and trailer combined height - 210 cm – it can fit into my garage.



Any viewings will be at my home address. I will need to see verifiable proof of identity/business before any visit - verified fb page, business web site, VAT registration or photo ID. 

Mine is a bona fide VAT registered business and I will provide my VAT number to any potential purchaser as part of due diligence. Payment will be by invoice and bank transfer. I'd prefer not to take cash, but will if requested to do so. I will issue a VAT receipt and transfer of ownership note to the purchaser.

If you wish to buy sight unseen, I will warrant that the description I have provided is accurate to the best of my belief and I will accept a 10% deposit  to secure (via invoice) with the balance to be paid before collection and within 7 days.  The deposit is non-refundable if you withdraw, or fail to pay the balance on time, for any reason other than a materially significant fault or error in the description.

I will take any purchaser through a detailed briefing on maintenance and usage of both chipper and trailer. The engines have their own printed instructions. The chipper unit instructions are on line (https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1724988/Peruzzo-Tb100.html#manual)



LOCATION: South Tyneside

Any questions or to arrange a viewing please contact me via email in the first instance: liam@tynesidetreesurgeons.co.uk, or via LJN messenger.


Thanks, Liam.


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