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Fed up with Mowers, need recommendations

I cut  large graveyards and private houses so I guess they  need different things, but I  was convinced into buying a weibang pro 56  a year ago, and whilst the striping and cut is generally nice, it is flimsy, heavy, and has spent more time in the shop than mowing lawns. I had it serviced a month ago and it has broken again today.

Time to get rid and I certainly would not recommend  this weibang.

Does anyone have any reocmmendations for profesional mowers- one for cutting large areas like graveyards so potentially a mulcher... and one  for smaller private lawns that stripes.


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  • Rob, guessing 2 different machines? One being a roller? We have run the new model Hayter 56 pro rear roller since they came out they are cutting around 10,000 sq mts a week , have been totally reliable with not even a cable snapped. We have them speeded up and wash the bags out regularly, I know people criticise the wet performance but we don't have many issues and it doesn't rain everyday! We did have a demo Toro Prostripe which is basically the same chassis/deck but with a Kawasaki engine and 3 speed box, the handles are slightly longer than the 56 which would cause transport issues, the ratios/speed of the gearbox are terrible - 1st is crawl, 2nd slightly faster crawl and 3rd run ! Also the drive snatches when engaged making mowing around trees etc awkward. We will contine buying 56's.

    As to the graveyard and general purpose mulcher/ collector as I have said so many times before the Honda 537 HRX HY is a superb reliable machine and is the best mulcher we have ever had in 40 years outperforms dedicated mulchers on every level with the added convenience of being able to swap between collect/mulch at the flick of a handle, we run 3 and would not buy anything else. Hope that helps.



  • For cutting large areas like graveyards, a mulching mower with robust build quality might be ideal. Consider brands like Honda, Toro, or Husqvarna for their durability and performance in commercial settings.

    For smaller private lawns that require striping, you might want to explore options from brands like John Deere, Scag, or Ferris. Look for models with adjustable cutting heights and ergonomic design for ease of use.


    • Thanks guys... What is the best or mid range too mulching mower?


      I'll look at the Honda. Too. 



  • PRO

    First time I have heard a weibang called flimsy 

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  • PRO

    Hi Rob
    For smaller private lawns I've been using Hayter Pro 41 with rear roller but they do bigger sizes as mentioned. I've had no real problems and I've had it 3 years. I will be purchasing a new version at the end of this season.
    I've been running a toro recycler 55cm for bigger jobs but I am going to be upgrading to the Honda HZY as the reviews from all the guys on here seem great. Nothing wrong with the Toro but just time for a change and my local dealer has just gone with Honda so makes sense to switch.
    Hope that helps

    • We also use the Hayter 41 pro for our domestic lawns that we want to stripe. We used one for 4 years I think and then replaced and have had the next one for 18 months so far. Other than the fact that they're not great in the rain, we've had no issues with them at all. Fast, light, leave a lovely finish in as long as not too wet. They are small so not ideal for loads of really big lawns, but brilliant for small and medium ones we find.

  • Hi Rob,
    I would recommend Efco or Oleo Mac, No stripes/rollers but great mowers with very few problems. I have a 2002 Model that I still use, professionaly, it uses a bit of oil but other than that

  • Pro kaaz , cobra , lawnflights for me 


    I've used them for the last 3 years , bag great any conditions , reliable as hell , nice finish 


    they don't mulch or stripe

    but for me are the best mowers I've owned.

  • It's interesting that you've had problems with your mower, I've been using the Weibang 56V rear roller mower,  which is the domestic version of your mower and despite using it commercially, it's given me over 3 years of reliable service. Sadly they don't produce this model anymore as far a I know. I hear good things about lawn Flite mowers though   Good luck finding a decent replacement. 

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