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Estimate for a planting scheme

Just had a quick search of the forum but couldn’t find anything.Estimating the cost of re-planting a border; I know people use a cost/m2. Anyone’s formula would be interesting. I know a line of busy-lizzies planted a foot apart will be different from a carpet of hellebores under a rootballed oak but...Estimating the planting budget for a closely planted herbaceous border, what figure do you use per sq metre?

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  • Depends how closely you want to plant ..... we usually offer our customers 3 planting density options, light, medium, and Wow, with guide prices of £15, £20, and £25 per sq mt. That's just for plant supply, but includes design - ie, we specify the plants based on a site survey and discussion with the client on what they want / like etc. You'll have to make your own guess at how quickly you can plant and hence what that should cost!
  • Hi Rubus

    Jackson's Landscape Design Planting fee typically costs between £15 to £25 per square metre depending on the access, type & size of plants.

    The above price does not include any soil preparation.

    Trust this helps
  • PRO
    Not sure if this helps but for our commercial work we use as a general rule of thumb of 6 plants per m2 (of course all depends upon the spec!) and charge £1.25 to plant each shrub. In addition we charge for ground clearance and preparation plus the cost of the plants (as a "ball park" figure of £4 per plant).

    Sounds cheap but we would do 30 to 40 planting areas at an average size of 10m2 per bed.
  • Belated thanks for your replies, always interesting to see how people do these things differently. I like the density options.

    The ground preparation is the difficult estimate. 3 different estimates for ground prep aswell: easy, average, difficult with a guide time for each, per m2. And the same for design per m2. I'll never go wrong with a guesstimate again! I wish.
  • PRO

    A garden we work in has just been trampled by 30 cows... they had a fine old time!!! We are quoting for replacing the plants as those that did not get eaten, got trampled ... I' reckoning that these prices should go up a bit.... to say £30 per sq metre, maybe more if mature specimens are specified???

    Any thoughts?

    Re working the borders and edging we can do seperately, it is a metric for the replacement of mature perennials that I'm after.




    • Blimey,  that confused me momentarily. Adam commented on your post - from 12 years ago!  I'd possibly double those prices now. If you do a medium density planting of 5-7 plants per m2, depends on what your purchase costs are and what retail is. A 2L herbaceous perennial on average £8 a plant at the moment? That's upwards of £40 m2 currently. Thats just plants, not design, prep or sourcing. 


    • PRO

      hi Adam, we normally expect a mature perennial to grow to the size of a dustbin lid.  Clearly this varies a lot!

      So as an average, if we are overplanting a new planting area, to get more impact faster, we would use 5 or 7 perennials per sq.m as opposed to 3.

      We supply 3lt perennials at 8.50-11.00ea.

      So 3/sq.m = £25.50-33.00

      5/sq.m = £40-£55.00 and so on.

      We supply, grow & source the plants we use from a multitude of different nurseries, which equally gives us many different costs, which I try to rationalise.

      Planting prices vary with pot size, rarity of plant, maturity of plant. We supply & plant typically 3lt. but also 5lt. & larger.

      Most nurseries supply 2lt. or smaller

      We often use Manor Farm or Kingsdown

      And Dorset for more unusual perennials, good plants in 1lt. pots

      Hope this helps

      Home Page
  • PRO

    10-15 years ago i read an article about a plants women who then charged £25 per metre fully planted. If money roughly halves in value every 10 years thats £50+ per metre now.

    I've just planted up 3 projects and still have to finalise actual costs but am currently working on the above mentioned £50 per metre to cover supply of plants and time for planting up. This also covers organic compost in each hole at planting time. This price is based on supply from trade nurseries where plants cost upwards of 50% less than from garden centres. Another way i have heard to do it is a 100% mark up on the cost of plants which gives you money in hand to cover planting and profit. Preparation of beds with organic compst prior to planting i charge as a separate job and trees and specimin acers i charge as extra as prices vary depending on what you buy. I also tend to buy 3-5lt pots rather than 10lt in shrubs as i think smaller plants have an easier time establishing. This also allows me to get more for the allotted budget.

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