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Electric Vans

Anyone out there running a small electric van for a maintenance business?  I am looking to get a new Kangoo sized vehicle and will probably only clock up 5k per year so an electric appeals. However, the premium for electric over a Euro 6 seems too high still. 

The cost savings for running will soon be eroded by the government protecting existing revenue from vehicles as electric become mainstream. 

Any thoughts?

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  • I'd love to go electric but I'm pushing out nearly 45,000 miles a year atm, will watch this thread with interest...

    • Public Member

      You drive 45K miles a year?

      For an EV car the fuel price difference (assuming you charge overnight at home and switch to a tariff with a good night-time rate) would save around £5,500 p.a. I expect Van would be similar. EV has less maintenance cost, Higher purchase price, probably lower depreciation, dreadful infrastructure for charging if you regularly drive out of range (unless you can do something else whilst you are waiting - emails, quotes, etc.)

  • I had a look at the reviews for the new vivaro earlier, it's looking promising, but will wait a few years yet, until there's newer tech at a better price.

    I drove 4k last year.


    • at the moment getting it serviced will be a main agent job there was somthing on tv last night about electric cars they rang 20 gararges about servising them and only one would do them but that did not include any electric work 

      • PRO

        Only do under 4,000 miles a year and van is Euro 6  . It should last until i retire at which point i will get an E bike .

        • What van do you have, are the euro 6 engines really much better?

          • This is from the RAC website.

            What are the Euro 6 criteria?

            The Euro 6 requirements for petrol and diesel cars differ, as they each produce different levels of the offending pollutants.

            For example, the Euro 6 standard stipulates new diesel cars can produce no more than 0.08g/km of nitrogen oxide.

            This is a substantial drop from the Euro 5 standard which stood at 0.18g/km.

            Petrol cars were already required to produce no more than 0.06g/km as set out by the guidelines from Euro 5.

            The full Euro 6 requirements are listed below.

            They include limits for carbon monoxide (CO), total hydrocarbon (THC), methane hydrocarbons (NMHC), nitrogen oxide (NOx), particulate matter (PM) and particle number (PN).

            • Diesel vehicles

              CO: 0.50g/km

              HC + NOx: 0.17g/km

              NOx: 0.08g/km

              PM: 0.005g/km

              PN [#/km]: 6.0x10 ^11/km

              Euro 6: is it helping?

              The Euro 6 standard is having a positive effect on emission levels.

              The SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders), says: “It would take 50 new cars today to produce the same amount of pollutant emissions as one vehicle built in the 1970s.”

              The following figures quoted by the SMMT highlight the extent to which Euro standards are reducing harmful by-products.

              • Carbon monoxide (CO): petrol down 63%, diesel down 82% since 1993
              • Hydrocarbons (HC): petrol down 50% since 2001
              • Nitrogen oxide (NOx): down 84% since 2001
              • Particulate matter (PM): diesel down 96% since 1993
            • Vic   Thats interesting reading,  I remember when I was a kid in the 80's if you stood on any street in any town and a bus went by there was black smoke everywhere and older petrol cars really smelt.  Things have really come on and you don't really notice!

              • The Euro 6 Hilux I have only smells when it's DPF is "burning off" every 200 miles or so, it uses AdBlue

      • hopefully the only servicing would be to brakes etc as the electric motor/batteries do not need servicing surely

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